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Paper Bottle

Elegant Design Solution to tackle plastic waste (plastic bottles and plastic caps)

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Looking around internet one can find many creative ways to avoid the use of plastic in liquid containers. One that attracted my attention was the "paper bottle".

The package utilizes sustainable sheet stock of bamboo, palm leaves, etc. or other ecologically friendly material that is pressed into two halves to create the mechanical resistant part of the liquid container.

The tricky part is always the liquid/oxygen barrier to keep the liquid inside and in good conditions until consumed.

The creative part comes from encapsulating a very thin film polylactic acid as a liquid/oxygen barrier. Polylactic acid is a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplasticaliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch.

A patent of the invention is here:

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It relates to all use cases 1 and 2

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Jean Paul is concerned about the blind & unsustainable design in our day to day way of living and passionate about using creativity to solve the waste issue.


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Hi @Kate Ruston I am happy you find some value into it. I also like the link you sent, which highlights the inventive way to pack food and drinks without a straw. I imagine you would be organising the ideas phase from next week on. How have you thought we could contribute as a community to actually make something meaningful from this initiative? The challenge of decreasing the Plastic of the Sea by tacking the source of small plastic is very broad and ambitious. You can work on science & technology solutions, you can work on general innovation (business models and marketing) and you can devote to improving the design and function of packaging (the link you send). You can also work at the intersection of these 3 dimensions... Any hints you could provide?

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