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My Recycling Bin

A picture of my recycling bin for plastic & metal

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What is interesting is that MOST of the recycling is PLASTIC and TETRAPAK containers!!  Very little metal - because we don't use cans much.  

The Ecover plastic bottle (with its coloured top) is interesting.  Ecover sell their products on the basis that they are environmentally-friendly - but their containers certainly are not!

I was also surprised how many old one-time-use plant pots we threw out this week.  We have SO many.  There must be a better way to keep plant pots in the local economy so that they get re-used many times over.  This would require some research and action on the garden centres in my local area with the local authority, perhaps?

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

This relates to Case 2 - Bottle Lids (on the Ecover Bottle). However, the current case 2 only has case studies that are for plastic film. A bit confused on this.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How can we keep plastic plant pots in the local economy so that they are re-used many times over?

Tell us about yourself

I'm a business designer interested in stopping plastic waste.


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It might be worth looking at lids and smaller form factor items in term of tagging. We are looking at solutions along those lines and will post a detailed proposal in the ideas phase.

Markers as ways to design plastic packaging for better recovery during sorting 

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Yes, tagging is important. As we replace oil-based plastics with other, biodegradable substitutes (such as PLAs for instance), it is going to be rally important to have clear labelling so we can put different types of packaging into different "recycling" streams.

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