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Mountains of plastic

A world where we use plastic packaging to package plastic packaging, down to the smallest items (candy)...

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I've started tracking plastic around me and along my everyday pathway. Disturbing and unnerving to realise how much plastic packaging has become the norm. From plastic sweets wrapper, to plastic bags to wrap vegetables and fruits which bags we then put in plastic shopping bags, I was completely invaded by plastic. It is also unclear what plastic can be recycled, and what should be discarded. These observations coincide with the boradcast of a new documentary series airing on ABC in Australia, called War on Waste:

In Australia, all waste goes to landfill. What's disturbing, it seems is that plastic bags collected in recycle bins also end up in landfill... :(

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

Spent a night with my daughter at an airbnb. The host left us some tea, coffee, milk and juice for light breakfast. Provisions were packaged for 2 people, so packages were small.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Packaging small portions is convenient for single serves and avoid waste of the products (milk, juice, bread, etc.) which are packaged for larger groups. Whilst avoiding waste for the products in question, it creates more plastic waste.

Tell us about yourself

These are personal observations. I'm a consultant in experience design and a mother of two children. I swing from one to the other on a daily basis and depending on which hat I wear, my viewpoint and behaviors are slightly different.
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Fruits and vegetables in plastic bags in plastic shopping bags :(


plastic wrapper for candy


Fruits in plastic bag


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