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Milk Protein Solution to Plastic Packaging

Example of a French firm called Lactips involved in production of biodegradable thermoplastics based on milk protein, than can be eaten.

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Lactips' innovative and unique technology has excelled in the development of biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein used in the detergent market. The bioplastic film can degrade within 18 days and can also be used as home compost. Similarly, they are also looking at edible plastic food packaging based on milk protein. 

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The idea of being able to consume the packaging as well as your food really adds hope to an advancement in overcoming some of the harmful and damaging ways plastic packaging is causing our environment.

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I came across this example on my Facebook feed and found it really fascinating. I live in Sydney, Australia and I am an MBA student who is really passionate about the environment. I was introduced to this platform by my Uni lecturer and have found it really inspiring and informative.


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