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Glass Mason Jars

Glass mason jars as reusable meal containers.

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Mason jars are a ubiquitous and versatile glass container traditionally used in food preservation ("canning"). However, possibly through image-driven social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, there seems to be an increase in popularity of using mason jars to not only preserve and store food, but as vessels to carry and consume meals directly out of. The transparency and vertical orientation of the jar lends itself readily to stratifying a meal into visually appealing layers. Social media has allowed a platform for individuals to photograph their "jar meals" and share them with others. There are some entrepreneurs who are predicating their business model on the idea of a meal delivered in a jar. Some examples are: and There is potential to capitalize on this trend to minimize the amount of food-related plastic waste that is generated daily around the world. 

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

This research relates directly to Use Case 2. Glass mason jars are a potential vehicle to help obviate the need for food-related plastic waste.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

I've attached an infographic I created to highlight some of the compelling reasons to use mason jars as containers to carry and eat meals out of. Hopefully, it can encourage others to think about how we can exploit the humble and ubiquitous mason jar to reduce our reliance on plastic food-related waste.

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I am an individual who has developed a well-established IT management consulting practice, specializing in program management, records and electronic content management, and IT infrastructure assets. I was intrigued by this challenge when I read an article about it recently on


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Hi Sunny,

Your post seems to touch on some of the issues we as a team also has been discussing. We strongly agree with what you wrote about the imageability of mason jar in social media. We are particularly interested in plastic waste from transporting food to both retailers and consumers. While the idea itself seemingly has been explored and attempted by many industry participants, it's clear that the alternatives still has not been effective enough to disrupt the conventional model. We have been discussing market adaptability and feasibilty of alternative packaging. We were curious if you had a chance to consider how this idea can be effectively integrated into the existing market and remain competitive to the conventional model.

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Hello Archipleasure,

Good question. I like the traditional system used with other glass vessels (e.g. milk bottles, glass soda bottles) wherein a deposit is required on purchase. This incentivizes the consumer to return the vessel for reuse and/or recycling. This is a time-honoured practice that could certainly be broadened to mason jars. Thanks for asking.