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Change shopping with Dispenser for self care products

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Dispensers have been around for years and they have been evolved

Reference: CocaCola, sodas, water  etc...

We have been using dispensers in everyday life for such like:

  • Water: at home and at the store
  • Coffe: at Stores, at home or others
  • Soda: at the stores, Theaters and more "they are digital now Freestyle Soda Machine"
  • Snacks and Grains: at grocery stores
  • Snacks from vending machines "they are digital now" telling info of product and price$

People are used to digital things: This is a skill we all are sharing  using cellphones, tablets, computers not just for the primary functions and also for online shopping, interaction with others, taking pictures, taking videos, working, texting etc..

"People are more conscious using their own bags for groceries and also are exploring  healthier ways to eat and using more organic and artisan products like artisan soap."

This bring us an oportunity to reduce the use of plastics

Style and Identity:

Every day people are in the search of their own style and identity in their selves and surroundings.

  • Fashion design (color, style, comfort, etc..)
  • Interior design (Style, decor, colors, funtionality)
  • Expressing their selves as individuals (what things work for them, in their own uniqueness like makeup, creams, shampoo, gels, soap, etc...

"This is and oportunity to have you own container for multiple uses and matching the style and color of the bathroom."

Experience At the Store:

There are aisle of a lot options to select from but it can be overwhelming and time consuming the majority of the products come in a plastic containers in different sizes this making the stacking for the employes more elaborate it and the finding for costumers less productive.

Experience At Home:

you end up with different plastic containers in all sizes and colors for different users they don't match the style of the bathroom and also makes the cleaning difficult and the fact they will be in the garbage after finish.

Using a self care product dispenser will help to reduce the plastic but an also will decrease the visual contamination we are exposed in every day shopping and not always needed. Since is not always productive and practical.

Would be great to have an info icon on the screen of the dispenser machine to find what is right for you. Since most of the times in a normal grocery store there is not a person to help in the decision. specialy when is a new thing you are looking for.

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

By changing shopping experience will encourage people to use their own containers and reuse them. This will decrease the use and need of plastic and also by selling bigger sizes containers for multiple refills at home will decrease the plastic use, being this big containers in barrels made in bamboo or other eco-friendly material.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Change shopping Experience with a Dispenser for self care products with an Info Icon on the screen and get the brand and product you need in you own container or get the big container for multi refills. this imagining like the new digital fountain soda dispencer but with different appearance and functionality to fit the product and experience.

Tell us about yourself

I am a designer with an idea that wanted to share, thinking about the new store of the future. We have to change in the way we act and make decisions and by looking opportunities in the current skills and combination of old and new knowledge to make something new.


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Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi carolina !

Really interesting idea of an in-home and supermarket dispenser!

You posted this in the research phase. Do you want me to re-post it in the ideas phase so it can be considered in the challenge?

Photo of carolina

Hello Kate, yes please can you post it in the ideas phase to be considered in the challenge.
Thank you so mucho