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The PLASTIC print - not the carbon print - in a Qantas flight across Australia

The travel photographic diary of Sarah that captures her plastic - not a carbon! print during a five hour flight across Australia

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This contribution forms part of our broader research with OpenIdeo Melbourne. I like to use the diary technique consisting of asking humans to take their own pictures using their mobile and to comment when possible. Sarah is a Millenial, travelling for work between Melbourne to Perth every week.

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

Flight attendants distribute these blankets for a one-off use. They are wrapped in plastic - again, not sure we can recycle them...

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Let's take the example of plastics wrapping blankets. Passengers like Sarah won't actually bother if there is no plastic. It's not a pain point. Qantas already makes a fantastic effort to "offsets all its own carbon emissions to help counteract the unavoidable impact of air travel". What if we make it clear that we're as passionate about sustainability, plastic as we are with carbon print?

Tell us about yourself

Culture & Design Thinking expert @ Capgemini Australia, passionate about putting humans at the heart of the consulting pieces of work I lead & making the intangible/the invisible (i.e. language, emotions, mindsets, behaviours)...more tangible! This contribution forms part of OpenIdeo Melbourne.


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hi jahrita,as regular family travellers and being more aware of the plastic waste most airlines use,it really is stagering this hasnt been at the fore front of their enviromental progress.some times though the issues are brought on by security measures,such as the limits on liquids being allowed on flights,typically 100ml plastic bottles,which usually contain shampoo,body wash etc, this type of small plastic waste has been described as the most tactile production of modern waste,easily transported,easily left for others to dispose of,but usually thrown in the chamber maids black bag and sent to land fill,would you care to comment on my idea to combat small plastic waste on openideo it is yuchooze lite shower system.regards shaun.

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Hi Jahrita!

There are 3 days left in the ideas phase of the circular design challenge! It would be great to see your ideas there, submit your idea via -

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Hi Jahrita! I love your research! Airline's plastic print is very annoying!! They abuse of plastic packaging and single-use cups and containers and force us to take part of it. Restaurants arround the world manage to serve in reusable dishware, how might be possible that bigs airlines can't do the same??? Why airlines act like fast food restaurants?? Do they serve their meals in first and bussines class also in single-use plastic containers?

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G'day Lauren! Bonjour. It's most relevant to use case 2 for bottle caps! Doing This challenge creates an habit that makes me notice how much small plastic we use beyond use cases examples ;-) good baby step to change behaviours! Looking forward to ideating

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Hi Jahrita Ungell 

Excited to have someone with your design thinking background in the challenge! Thanks for sharing the valuable insights you've gained through this research! Of the three use cases of plastics this particular challenge targets, which is the most translatable for this research?

The ideas phase of the challenge just launched today! Please contribute an idea so our online community can begin engaging with your idea and providing feedback.

Looking forward to seeing your idea submitted here: