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Bulk Bag

Make bulk shopping easier than conventional shopping

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Design a Bulk Bag with available compartments for every main food category that can be purchase in bulk at a supermarket like Whole Foods or other. Each compartment could be clipped to the inside walls of the Bag to adjust for different needs. Overall, it is the lunchbox idea transferred to grocery shopping, where the bag helps make bulk shopping easier, all organized in one place. The Bulk Bag would have the Twin Bulk Bag so that at the cashier, after the inserts are scanned and weighted, they can be placed inside the Twin Bulk Bag.

Partner with Bulk Markets to allow the Bulk Bag to be used without the inserts having to be weighted before hand. 

The picture above is an idea of what the inside of the bag would look like. 

How does this research relate to our Use Cases?

The ultimate solution to the plastic waste is to abolish most of the packaging.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

"Recycling can feed our self-deception by creating a momentary green bubble that offers the illusion that our individual efforts are solving the problem..contributes to the vital lie that we are already doing what matters, when in fact what we are doing barely dents the vast tidal wave of collateral damage done to people and the planet by the things we buy and use" Ecological Intelligence, Goleman

Tell us about yourself

I am a mother, health advocate, and passionate about sustainability. I know how hard is to raise a family and try to help the environment at the same time, so I think that the solution is to make green easier, to use our design ideas to help other people adopt systems that otherwise they would not.


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I agree to this idea of bulk bags...... It will help reduce wastes. This is in alignment with the one who suggested going back to the days we use woooden basket for our bounty groceries.

Lia your idea is helpful.

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Hi Lia!

Interesting idea! How big is the bulk bag? How does it differ from using a backpack?

The concept of bulk buying has made me think. Could there be a business model that uses bulk buying to help Rajata (a Working Mother in Kerala, India) buy hygienic products?

This is the user persona for Rajata:
“The money we make from my and my husband’s jobs is not enough to afford buying our
necessities in bulk. Every day, I buy our groceries at the market and in the local store. I get the shampoo and soap we need for our hygiene in these small sachets. I buy 4 every day, one each for me and my husband and two for our four children to share. With the birds and cows often tearing up garbage bags, the sachets we and our neighbours use spread everywhere. Last monsoon the drainage systems were so clogged by plastics that our part of town was flooded for a week.”