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Protecting the balance of the environment by eliminating harmful waste project .

 To protect the environment balance by increasing the use of bananas, wood, jute and jute varieties instead of plastic.

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Plastic products are a major threat to the environment. Protect the environment balance by increasing the production and consumption of bananas, wood, jute and jute commodities without making and using plastic products.

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Jute Bags
How a garbage strike drove an architect to reimagine plastic and provoke change through art and design
Illy coffee capsules- An environmental disgrace
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Plastic waste on festivals
Design recyclable single-used sachet for liquid consumer products
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We are diverse, we are the same.
Instant and trustworthy, environmentally safe.
Everyday Plastics
Healthy eating and mostly-from-scratch cooking can yield waste reduction dividends
9 Lives: A design tool for thinking ahead
You don't have to get out of your way!
Re-Post of BBC article, and thoughts on plastics in Asian rivers
Visit to a MRF (Material Recovery Facility).
Interview with a packaging designer
To convert small butter tubs in a long dtrip of recylable plastic
Save a life cap - Stay on cap & Baby cap
Save a life - Educational recycling bin/bin bag for caps/straws/sachets (idea phase)
Lovelee Loyalty Bottles
Wire making device
Returnable Container as Delivery Model is the Answer to Reducing Plastic waste through the use of reusable tableware and & stainless steel
OriCup — a one piece, flat ship, fold up, straw and lid integrated, hot/cold beverage cup!
Cellophane-Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic Sachets
Having Zero Waste Supermarkets worldwide is a fact of political choices
Develop Local Industrial Composting Facilities for (C)PLA Recycling
Eco Friendly Cup , Lids & Straws From Fallen Areca Leaves
Design recyclable single-used sachet for liquid consumer products
Lidless-Cup (LC): The container that brings an edge to drinking coffee...or any other hot beverage.
The solution for an alternative for plastics can be found in the ocean: the very place we are toxicating right now
Ibrahim Nuhu of Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)
Reuse Revolution. 
Refillable packaging systems. 
Zero plastic pollution, low carbon.
Removing Plastic from Surplus Grain across Africa with Mobile Utility Storage
A reusable & returnable container rental service system
Environment-Friendly Plastic Lids and Caps: Use, Reuse and Recycle
Straws made from leaves
The Plastics Labeling and Advertising Act of 2017 [Revised for Ideas Phase]
NeuBev Company is changing the way you drink
Flocap - Open and drink without removing the cap
Plastic recycling as an industry for positive global impact - start collecting used plastic items today!
Let´s draw on the used plastic with creativity
Edible single serving condiment packaging
The single use plastic world we live in and what education and design can move us forward to a cleaner environment.
Join the Eco to go™ Movement
QuickStir sugar & creamer spoons: eliminating plastic in to-go beverage environments
Keeping the lid on rubbish and protecting our Environment, Rivers and Oceans.
Rewards: Back to Square One
100% Biodegradable & 100% Recyclable Biomass Plastic Made Cup, Lid, Straw,  and containers that are favored by Commercial companies.
Re-design of value chain as solution to stop littering of plastic packaging worldwide immediately
Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD)
Clink - Individual Cleaning Tabs and Sets
Nano Technology Coating on Paper for various  packaging solutions, wet and dry
~ 100% Biodegradable ~ Recyclable & Hydrophobic ~
Biobots. Fruit or veg genetically modified into fast growing bottles or containers similar to Gourd canteens.
cotton Lids, Captive Straws
Liquid Vending Machine
To convert  small butter tubs to a long strip of recylable plastic
Bulk Dispensary for Liquid Products
REFILL DEPOT - Igniting a refill revolution for everyday products
Refrigerated Multi-Beverage Dispenser
Using Rollover deposits to reduce small package waste
Ikura - sauce delivery system. No more small sachets.
Innovative BoP Business Model Integrating IoT Connected Vending Machines with Reusable Containers for Low Waste/Cost Distribution
Instant and Environmentally Conscious Mug Cakes
Wetsleeve – Wear Your Hydration
GO Box - The service for reusable and returnable take away
100% Biodegradable & 100% Recyclable Biomass Plastic Sachets, bags, Packaging that are favored by Commercial companies.
Mr William Gomes-- Diver trainer.
Eliminate use of plastics at every step.
In home Plastic Recycling device
Pyrowave's plastic depolymerization machines using microwaves
Wally Slone VP Global Efficiency Program
RePack – reusable and returnable packaging service for e-commerce
A Molded Earthy Invention called Naturescast®
Leave your plastic waste at the supermarket
Beverage Container Reuse Model for multiple brand coffee houses
Beverage Stirrer Plastic Tie
Take-away Beverage Biscuit Lid
SoaPaper - Dissolvable soap strips activated by water to replace small plastic travel-sized bottles and sachets
100% Biodegradable and compostible products for small format and liquid packaging products
CreditCup , your very own cup that fits in your wallet and by using it every time you'll increase your credit in keeping the earth clean !!!
How Beer Festivals Can Teach Us How To Change The Way We Consume Products
Everything bulk
let's water: Bottle Rental Service
I care, I recycle
Integrated platform to incentivize recycling
FlavorBook - a stylish hardcover book case with mailable liquid carrying 'pages'
Bio-packaging, paper and cotton bags-alternatives-updated
Time Travel: Turning Back the Clock
Fill N' Save
Vienna Cup
Biopolymer coated Flexible Eco-paper Packaging for liquids
Rbin! Provides information on the type of plastic.
Impact via icons, symbols , graphs & emojis. Mandatory information about true cost of material and packaging. (Vienna Chapter Ideathon 1/5)
Alternative Branding - no labels, no adhesives, no small format plastic. (Vienna Chapter Ideathon 2/5(
Take-away Beverage Biscuit Straw
SpringBox - The revolutionary cardboard box, promoting reuse, eliminating excessive secondary packaging whilst offering fast packing times.
Wastefree refundable plastic packing
Plastic parts art glue poster wall totem
Local Bulk Food Drive Service - Zero waste in the kitchen
No Plastic Bags or Boxes With My Groceries!
Collective Distribution
Mobile refill stations that filter for contaminates and taste while earning income from digital advertising making water free to consumers.
Harvest Straws
origami cup cap
Small-scale production and recycling of PLA plastics in food establishments
Sort & Shred: Community Sorting and Recycling Pickup Service for Pre-Processing Small Plastics
Redesigned zero waste local event
Uga Pak
Plastic Straws and take-away coffee lids substitution with liquid wood products
100% Bio-degradable Sanitary Napkins from Banana Fibers
Refill: tapping the source!
Eliminating plastic straws, sweet wrappers and coffee cup lids
Transforming plastic waste into building materials
Protein Packaging
Paper pack with Thin inner plastic layer(biodegradable) for candies and sweets
Transition to Circular Economy: Understand the Drivers of our Plastic Usage Behaviour with a Survey
EVOWARE’s edible and biodegradable sachets and wraps directly made from seaweed as main material
Sugarcane and Caramel coffee spoon
Evoware's seaweed-based biodegradable straw
Cutting the carbon footprint on Coconut Water with CocoTaps!
Gloop, the smart self-service public beverage dispenser machine
The Trashformer: giving plastic waste a purpose
Prevention is Better than Cure
Redesigning the Juice Carton 2
Cleanest, Greenest Coffee Lid 
(The Naeco Wave Lid - 100% Compostable)
Magnetise plastic film
OUTTURN: A Produce Bag Alternative
Re-imagining a circular shampoo brand
High Performance Paper Barrier Packaging Engineered for Recyclability
Natural Wheat Drinking Straws
Standardisation of plastics & smart sorting
Gel bubbles packaging
Your choice, how much you want, fresh, no excess packaging.  We are the un-packaged store. Befria Foods Inc.
Naturally occurring biopolymers to replace plastic caps, creating a closed-loop, circular bioeconomy
The compressible packaging I-PACK – created to meet challenges of the sustainable word's development
Straw "pairing"
Modular storage - the USB of plastic packaging
Conversion of plastic wastes into fuels
Beo bottle is the worlds first modular water bottle made from sugarcane instead of oil. Twist the middle to clean & slide to store.
BottleTrade - Closing loops with consumer engaging
packaging that encourages return
sCoolMakers: trading platform where kids extend lifecycle of otherwise non-recyclable plastic toys, reuse more and reduce demand for plastic
Bottle caps which can be reused as building blocks
Barcode-based deposit refund system separating items into plastic types
Plastic bottle with swing style cap
Replace plastic packaging with paper packaging for dry material
Mobile Recycling Crusher and Compactor
Self-decomposing "smart material" packaging
Two layers packaging solution for liquid & dry material
How we carry produce 
can save our planet...Croptainer Strainer!
A Hemp revolution solutions to all the global environmental pollution.
Biodegradable Plastic (cold ground compostable)
Using the packaging process followed in rural indian villages
Nektar: the modular refillable system for dispensing personal care products and detergents
Biodegradable Raw Material From A Banana's Chemical Composition
RE-bottle Outdoor Activities
Reusable and interchangeable container for the tourism and catering industry
The Great Plastic Flip
in.gredients Pantry
Garbage Number App
Optimal, nature-tolerant packaging and dishes
One Simple Question: A Starbucks Viral Reduction of Plastic Consumption
Value Addition and Market Creation.
The E-PLA Bioplastic Cafe Bag. A bag that is compostable & recyclable designed to help make sorting bioplastic products easier & cheaper.
Banana Stem Fiber Package
S-CUP and S-COVER | Integrated Drinking Straw
Plastics Standards 1.0 for Recycling Facility Efficiency
Groof - Creating Circular Economy Through Both Ends
Plastic Ocean - A Plastic Salvaging App
Shaw leaves packaging and Bamboo fiber products
Go clever
Busting the Myth – Recycling Multilayer Material is a Real Possibility
Emerging materials, makers and tactical delivery: Transforming packaging, one 'Capsule' design district at a time
No Liquid->No Sachet
Constructive systems from recycled plastic, Closing the cycle of plastic with social impact
Don't Throw Me, Grow Me
Creating Plastic Free Intelligent Generation
Long-lasting, durable coffee lids
SOL-CAP beautiful, water soluble packaging that is alternative for single use small plastics containers and sachets.
Get Mugged
Soil Refrigerator, Earthen Filter, Canvas Material, Denim, Jute, EnviGreen bags, Recycle  , MDF, Wooden Material, Road Construction.
A component Sort Code that better identifies its type of plastic material for recycling
Swordplay2.0: a spread-as-a-service (SaaS) model for butter, knives and beyond
MRF Hard-to-Recycle Plastics Upcycling Pilot in San Jose, CA
MaterialFlow: Mapping Materials for Designers in the Circular Economy
Upcycling single-use plastic bags and sachets in Tanzania
COLOURFORM™ - sustainable coloured moulded fibre packaging
Non-removable Plastic Bottle Caps - zero waste of Plastic
A zero waste solution for liquids
Label-Trash Bins Waste Management
Re-Imagining the Re-Filling Station
Reefill:  Ditch bottled water for good
Ville Propre | Clean city
Khala Cloths: zero waste food storage wrap
Introducing bast hurd into the mass produced plastic supply chain reducing both plastic waste and carbon emissions during production.
Orbit - Circular Convenience
Diapers recycling - Nothing is trash, EVERYTHING can be transformed.
Going back to roots...
Design for creative reuse
Avasol: setting a new standard in plastic-free packaging and plastic reduction strategies.
Plastic waste management from extraction to packaging
Smart Vending Machine
SeaForm: Working with coastal communities globally to create value from waste.
Varied quantity needs
Co-Op Kampong: Kampong as Collective Enterprise
Reducing product materials for ease of recycling and compostability.
Tear off souvenir sticker
Smart/Green Vending
Toothbrush set, set to save the world
Alternative sustainable ideas for tomato ketchup sachet packaging
A Texas Town’s Goal of Achieving Zero Waste
Flying Rice Sachets
A new distribution and packaging approach for liquid toiletries
Captrap - save caps and the environment at the same time
Placing thin metal wires on the borders of plastic sachet
Reusable travel utility kit for toiletries
Single mould no cap plastic water bottle idea
Recyclable Material-Changing the World
Coffee threaded cap
Global change-Tin
BottleTap - Saving the environment, one pull at a time
Taking a small format problem of plastic and giving it an endpurpose
Extending Polypropylene (PP) Product Lifecycles via Collection and Reuse Systems
AIR-BOXIE : To fly plastic free with upgrade service
Closing the plastic loop
Veggie Package
Nationwide Integrated Reusable Containers System for food delivery and takeaway.
Changing disposable packaging
Packing To Go - creating a better shopping experience in zero packaging supermarket
The simple and practical way of keeping single use plastic items or small format items inside their usability cycles
" Loop it"Coffee grounds lids
Packaging for us but not environment
Packaging Kama Sutra
Seeds embedded on biopolymeric products
Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP)
Original Unverpackt
Support street youths to generate incomes fron plastic wastes reusing with a hint of art
Plastic USSD Return App
Producing honeycomb foam mattress that can be folded one side (horizontal side) and strong yet comfortable enough from the vertical side.
Stop using disposable plastics
Sunshine powered graphene machine
Half-years habit change - Go plastic free
Fiore's eco conscious favours
Manufacturer-Retailer-Researcher-Consumer full circle collaboration - take action to change use of plastic at source
Pika - Reusable diaper machine

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