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Plastic USSD Return App

An initiative of collecting all plastic wastes from the public to recyclers with USSD mobile app linking the public to collecting points.

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Let’s make people see plastics as their enemies on their environment while getting generating incomes from collecting the plastics. Or turn plastic wastes into a gold, no one can leave behind.

Sacks will be distributed to the public, youths including graduates will be encouraged to collect every type of plastic wastes along the beaches and everywhere. The wastes will be sorted by type (i.e. Bottles, buckets and Basins, straws, lids, sachets, etc.).

The public will be able to report the availability of collected plastic wastes on their environment through the USSD Mobile application, then collectors will be going there to collect the wastes accordingly.

Plastic waste collectors will be paid in terms of the waste weight (kilograms).   

Packaging is nothing rather than safety delivery of products to people. That’s means after the product is got by a person, a plastic is thrown away. Even if it can be re-used several times to carry other products at the end it will be thrown away. The common method of packaging adopted is done through plastic material.


Why can’t we re-think how to get back plastics to the industries as a raw material?

It is obvious possible. If a packager (industry) succeeded to get safely the packed product to people why can’t these get back the plastic back to industries?

While we are trying re-think on how to change the way of packaging by avoiding plastics, then we should also find the way forward to reduce the number existing un-usable plastics surrounding our environments.

USSD application to notify the presence of collected plastic materials.

Why USSD program?

Because it runs on almost all mobile platforms for ease of use, also does not require the use internet connection.

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