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Manufacturer-Retailer-Researcher-Consumer full circle collaboration - take action to change use of plastic at source

Full-circle action groups- no plastic at manufacturing source+researchers innovate=retailers don't sell products in it=we don't consume it

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Idea: Create collaborative, full-circle action groups which put manufacturers, retailers, researchers and consumers together where they co-create solutions to reduce plastic waste at source.  

Why: If manufacturers are forced / coerced / encouraged not to use any plastics at the beginning of the making cycle, by working with researchers to generate innovative alternative solutions (which are feasible and viable, reduce waste and generate saving incentives), then retailers won't sell products in it and we won't consume it!  

How: Start at each industry level (e.g. clothing, electronics, cosmetics, food and drink / grocery etc.), using Government, Industry, crowdfunding and/or existing research funding pots, to create distinct action groups.  Action groups have to have full-circle membership and be accountable with publicly shared information (facilitated by IDEO?) in order for cross- and intra-industry ideas and solutions to be available to all.

Sustainable benefits: A proportion of savings through use of alternatives to plastic (at any point in the cycle e.g. at manufacturing or savings from reduction in need for waste management/recycling) are agreed at the outset, to be reinvested into a crowd sourced fund which generates a self-sustaining pot for further research and action.  These could include community projects which encourage supporting activity such as; reducing consumption, growing our own produce, switching consumption behaviours to refillable packaging, supporting charities which protect natural resources and education for all generations.

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