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A reusable & returnable container rental service system

Replace disposables with reusables and it's FREE!

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Problem to solve - motivation

More than 1.5 billion disposable cups and 5 billion disposable lunch box are used each year in Taiwan. These seemingly convenient disposable containers really cause a huge burden on our environment.

Though recycling may be a choice to lightening the damage on the environment nowadays, we believe that there is a better choice, “source reduction ”. Through source reduction, we can reduce the waste from the roots, aim to lower people’s dependence on disposable containers and stop the vicious circle.

Our solution- main service

With the concept of source reduction, we came out a reusable container rental service. In the service, reusable and returnable containers are available and provided to our members when they buy the drinks or foods from our vendor partners.

To ensure our service quality and provide a convenient and reliable service, we make sure all of the details including container selection, washing, distributing and system management are all under our strict control.

Our service makes up with four main steps and one additional steps, which are delivering, using, returning, collecting and (washing).

Delivering -

  • We deliver cleaned, sanitized and reusable containers to our vendor partners.

Using -

  • Customer chooses to use our containers when buying drinks and foods.
  • Vendors use our rental service system to log in user information and container number in order to track every container carefully.

Returning -

After finishing the drinks or foods, customers can return the containers to any of our vendor partners.

  • Vendors use the rental service system again to record the returning number.

Collecting -

  • We collect used containers from our vendor partners.

(Washing) –

  • After collecting, we clean and sanitize all used containers.

In the above five steps, the fifth one is optional, which means our main service is to provide containers, redistributing and use our rental service system to record and track the use of each container. Therefore, washing is an additional service, our vendor partners can choose to wash by themselves or outsource to us.

Business revenue

Our main service mentioned above is free. Therefore, our revenues come from the following three parts:

  • Advertisement

Advertisements would be our main income. People, organization or company who has the same value or need a positive image might be our target clients.  The advertisement messages can be printed on the containers, other accessories, delivery cars.  Also, in our rental service system (apps for vendors and members), we can provide targeted ads service (CPA) to e-commerce company who targets eco-friendly customers.

  • Container

In our reusable container rental service, vendor partners can choose to use free containers we provide (with ads) or upgrade to have their logo on the containers.

  • Washing service

Since washing is an optional service, our vendor partners can choose to wash the containers by themselves or outsource to us.

Vendor partners

In the very beginning of our service, we aim to cooperate with those with high environmental awareness and good image vendors in order to lower our service promotion barrier. Also, by the support of these vendors, we believe the power of our service promotion would be greater and easier.


We do two things to higher the use motivation:

  • Through the app, our member can check out their impacts on the environment after using the reusable container in order to higher the sense of participation.
  • Use our service for ten times in exchange for a badge in order to increase their sense of honor.

Challenges and possible solutions

  • Vendors refuse to cooperate with us

Since the reusable containers may change vendors’ original workflow and lower the work efficiency, some of them may refuse to cooperate with us.

Therefore, in the long run, we aim to redesign the container including the material and structure in order to make the container easily to be stacked, delivered, and operated.

  • Service promotion

Since our vendor partners are the one who contacts customers directly, we really rely on them in order to promote our reusable rental service, therefore, it takes times to make sure every salesclerk perfectly understand the service and willing to promote it.

  • Delivery system

Delivering might be a big problem when scaling up. And the possible solution might be cooperating with food distributor.

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