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Distributing shampoo in paper cones. Because our Earth is worth it!

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A well-known packaging solution for ketchup is a plastic bottle with a plastic lid and a a silicone valve so that the ketchup does not run out when the bottle is place upside-down. Pre-fab ice cream cones are packed in paper cones coated with paraffin. Shampoo is packed in plastic bottles (for +20 portions) or sachets (single portion). 

Some shampoo bottle designs can be placed upside-down (enabling gravity to help the user to get the last drop of shampoo out of the bottle) whereas others can't. Exact dosing from a shampoo bottle is difficult so more shampoo than needed is dispensed.

The new ECONE system combines the above technologies and users needs into one single solution replacing all existing shampoo delivery systems from sachet to bottle size: 


  • The plastic bottle is replaced with a cone made of renewable materials
  • The Silicone Valve can be reused
  • Exact dosing of shampoo now possible
  • All shampoo in the Cone is used
  • Easy to see when the Cone is empty
  • The system can be used for other consumer products (e.g. conditioner and hand soap)
  • The system weight is reduced leading to reduced transport emissions and costs
  • The system can be made to fit "a few portions" and thus replace 3-4 sachets (= a hotel weekend stay): A volume which is not efficiently served by any present shampoo delivery system today. 

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ECONE: Distributing shampoo in paper cones. Because the Earth is worth it!

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It could be fun to test the concept by: a) Making some silicone prototypes of the valve. b) Try to fill shampoo into conventional paper cones as well as waxed paper cones. c) Try to see if the valve fits the paper cones. d) Test the system on real users under real-life conditions.


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