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Bottle Cap Currency is a new way to clean the world! We are gathering Physical and Digital Money. Let's start to colect?

Over 480,000,000,000 Bottle Caps are produced annually, let's make this waste leave the environment to become a profit.

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One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will rise more than 20% by 2021.
The demand, equivalent to about 20 thousand bottles being bought every second.
With this prediction we will be further damaging our oceans, coastlands and other environments.
More than 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2016 worldwide, compared with about 300 billion ten years ago.
By 2021 this will increase to 583.3 billion, according to the most up-to-date estimates from Euromonitor International's global trend of packaging trends.
For each bottle sold we have a plastic lid that is also being used making it clear the situation that the amount will be even more worrisome.
The bottle caps are in third position in marine litter type and in the fifth position cause of deaths of marine animals.

What is Bottle Cap Currency

BCC $ is a network operations that create value to the wastes.
The work ahead is the Bottle Cap Coin which is the mixed of some integrated solutions:
Money Validation - Bottle Caps Validator.
Exchange Money - Convert and rates the value of the Physical and Digital Currency Botlle Caps.
Corporate Network - Agglutinative of companies that invest money in coin caps.
Waste Negotiation Network - Agglutinator of recycling companies.
Consumer Social Networks - Consumers ativities.
Information Network - Provides a CRM from consumers.
Consumption Trace Identifier - Displays the individual tracking of beverage consumption.
Recycling Network - Involvement of the chain of consumption and distribution.

Canvas Business Model

Key Partnerships
Plastic Factories
Bottle Cap Factories
Beverage Factories
Beverage Wholesales
Beverage Outlets
Logistics Networks
Plastic Recyclers
Credit Card Companies
Virtual Currency Companies
Customer Relationships

Mainly consumers of bottled beverages.
Being able to be of any age and even not consumers of this type of drink.

Chain of Beneficiaries
Financial System

Value Proposition
The intention with the Bottle Caps Currency is to cease the emission of possible waste in the environment.
It is initially a project that mixes the product that already exists with a virtual system that generates a large chain of benefits.
The value imputation on the bottle cap will generate a chain of potential new values.
Ecological values: The withdrawal of this small waste from the streets, rivers and seas, will bring considerable benefits to the environment.
Social values: The reeducation on treatment of a residue by each citizen will be for a palpable currency, bringing society the possibility of changing the habit by compensation.
Market values: Partners will be seen as precursors and / or important in a market that is being created focused on social and environmental preservation.
Financial Values: With a wide chain of beneficiaries all consumers will be able to take advantage of the currency of exchange and can make use of it as they wish best.
The evolution will happen with the analysis services that will show the studies on the returns of the mentioned values.

Bottle Caps Currency is a complex system that involves many beneficiaries within the supply chain.
With the creation of coin cover there are a number of other pieces and marketing actions that will reshape the feedback loops.
The coffers that will be sent concomitantly with the coins will serve as return boxes, that is, the ransom is imperative for the cycle to be completed.
The safes boxes have been designed to be logistically viable, they are arranged inside boarding boxes that can go directly to the companies that make the new destination of the material and thus avoiding many risks of contamination of the covers.
Reverse logistics will be extensively cited in a later chapter.

Costumer Relationships
The final consumer will have a key role in every cycle, from the consumption of the product, sorting, scanning the cover, preparing for reverse logistics, to collecting the personal data of each one of them.
Every consumer who happens to be part of the cycle should be registered via website or via application, in this way the number of specific information of each consumer will become increasingly larger, because all CRM or links to social networks will be working together.
Intermediate consumers will also have an important role to play as they can also be recipients of reverse logistics boxes and benefit financially.
Many marketing actions will maintain close relationships with everyone involved in large wholesalers, medium distributors, small stores and end consumers.

To diversify the opportunities there will be special coin caps with differentiated values that will create seasonal attractions, in this way will accompany the commemorative dates, national and international events.
This business model has in its name the word currency but above all it has very clear purposes of balancing human, social and natural values.
The proposal is to boost consumption with something that would be rubbish, so a slice of the market that was being wasted will be commercially activated.

To execute the development of systems that will control the actions of the Bottle Cap Currency will require the investment of an amount that if cooperated, can be diluted and amortized.
If a partner has the exclusivity intent, they will have higher investments.
The quotas or participations of the partners can fit with each partner, so there may be the parcitipación of companies of different sizes that can use the system according to how much is used of the software (The more you use or register the more coins you will have to invest).
To create a gentler investment expectation, each company can slowly insert its product lines.

Key Partnerships
To create a strengthening in every network, each partner has its proportion of importance, work begins in the manufacture of the bottle cap, which goes to the packaging, which arrives at the large wholesalers who in turn delivers the product to the smaller distributor, who sends this product to the shopkeepers, who finally deliver to the final consumer.
Remembering that the reverse path would be almost the same, changing only the recyclable source that will probably manufacture with the covers something of value a little lower because of recycling.
This recyclable source will be receiving these new plastic bottle can that it did not usually receive because this new volume of business was loose in the environment.

Key Resources
About being a new currency (financial value) that is receiving its share of social and environmental connotation, it is already multidisciplinary by creation.
The value is clear by numerous companies or associations that may have their participation, they will already be cooperating in a system of circular economy.
The circular system in operation is an attraction for all that permeate its sectors, an Association or NGO will feel attracted because another NGO is already inserted and another company would be attracted by competitiveness or commercial parameterization.
In the short term we will be able to see positive marketing results and then start to reap the results of an attractive circular economy and in the long run we will see the environmental results which in turn may not even seem impacting but the results of material that is returned will be the the true answer to something that would be beyond a shadow of a doubt creating environmental problems.

Key Activities
In order to leverage the proposal, it is necessary that marketing campaigns are well-rounded and that the engagement of people from all over the world is broad, it is necessary for them to see financial and socio-environmental results if they help to collect not only these coins but also to change the concept of separating and giving value to the already industrialized resources, this will be a great activity.
People will be put into action where they do not need to know that they are participating in a campaign that aims to promote the externalities.


Reverse Logistics plays a key role in the Bottle Cap Currency project.
There may be very expressive savings that may point to new investment guidelines.
Starting from the fact that every amount of coin covers may be returnable, we will have a large flow of logistical steps.
Doing the calculations that annually the bottle caps market is at 480 Billion units.
The value of this virgin material is around USD 28,800,000,000.00.

To load all this amount of covers it is necessary to use 529,000 containers of 20 ".
The handling of this cargo is around $ 500.00 each container and thus we have an amount of USD 264,550,264.55 in transportation costs.
The value of this granulated material revolves around USD 23,040,000.00
The implementation of the fragmentation tool will greatly reduce the reverse logistics because we have a savings of 352,734 containers less, generating a savings of USD 176,366,843.03.

This reverse logistics with fragmentation will no longer emit c02 by:
Using train = 12,345,679
Using Truck = 17,636,684
Using Ship = 5.291.005

Idea Title

Bottle Cap Currency


Where are you / your team located?

Brazil - São Paulo - SP

How does this Idea redesign unrecyclable small format plastic items that often end up as waste?

This idea turns a small format plastic waste into something of value, so that the return of this material to its initial form or to a reuse is easier.

Which use cases does your Idea apply to?

This idea applies to case 02.

In what geographical context or area does your Idea plan to operate / solve?

The idea of Bottle Cap Currency can be applied worldwide, since PET bottles with caps are consumed by all social classes and types of people. However, a special focus can be given to developing countries as they have practically no recycling machines

How do you envision scaling up your Idea?

Firstly, we can propose an exclusivity agreement with the major companies of bottled PET. In a second moment, we will go in search of smaller companies that commercialize products in this same way. The idea is that all PET bottle caps have their value coined by making them a Bottle Cap Coin. The biggest obstacle is changing the mindset of people who have not yet realized that nothing is rubbish, everything can be reused in some way.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Research & Early Testing: You are exploring an idea, gathering inspiration and information needed to test it with real users.
  • Prototyping: You have conducted some small tests or experiments with prospective users and will continue developing idea through these tests.

Please describe how becoming a Top Idea and working with the Think Beyond Plastics Accelerator Program will help to accelerate your solution.

The New Plastics Economy Accelerator Program will help in implementing the project as it validates the idea and makes it known to its contacts, co-sponsors and others involved who are able to adhere to the Bottle Cap Currency idea and make it known worldwide.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

This idea started from my eternal dissatisfaction with the misuse of disposable products or products with low usability. I often seek solutions to contribute to the preservation of the environment and the circular economy.

Tell us about your work experience

I have worked in some of the most prestigious design studios in Brazil developing graphic design, product design, logistic design, furniture and objects design, handicraft work with recycling material


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Lincoln Camargo this is a fantastic idea and so extremely well thought out! I love the fact that you have have literally created value and meaning from these waste items in a way that is simple and takes advantage of various networks and relationships. It could be so effective, if we could get it implemented globally.
As you also pointed out, the biggest challenge is the change of mindset. I think this is true for most of the issues we face.
I think this is a great idea and embodies the simplicity and effectiveness required for us to have an impact.

Photo of Lincoln Camargo

Hello Marisa!
Thanks for your comments.
I saw that you read a lot!
I'm so hopeful in each new comments.
I don't know if this project goes to next step, but my mind is work hard for new ways to redraw old concepts.
I'm thinking to work out of Brazil where these mindset could be easier to find.
Nice to meet you here!


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