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The single use plastic world we live in and what education and design can move us forward to a cleaner environment.

Regarding the single use plastics. I am an industrial designer and have reached out to government and companies. With little/no response.

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Hello, I am an artist and  industrial designer. I have a Facebook page - provided below. I have little money to contribute to the issue that many of us I believe (but not enough), are concerned with. I have not received any feedback from various governmental or seemingly philanthropic companies - Visy for example - which is a massive company all over the globe (surely I thought they could spare some tuppence for my initiative; put simply, a willingness to leave the world a better place. My thought was to bring back brown paper shopping bags with a simple stenciled message, just to educate and to rally a team of volunteers to hand out for free. You can use them for waste rather than using your plastic bags that will last a millennia. I did receive what I guess you could call a convenient email from the NSW premiers office which was nice, it was at least a response. I am determined... this has to end, especially as in my state,  Melbourne has been named "the most livable city" several times. It galls me to think that we are still in this state of rampant use of single use plastics. Bangladesh was the first to ban the plastic bag in 1993. 

I have ideas and I hope they will be able to contribute... and that someone will listen.

With regards, 

Josephine Sibley

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Hi Josephine,

It is good to have you in the challenge. I can see that you are passionate about this topic.

This challenge is focusing on small format plastic packaging. Do you have some ideas for these use cases - ?

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Hello Kate
I would like to collaborate in any way... I have ideas and can provide all sorts of visual information to express ideas whether it is yours or mine from 2d and 3d in presentation format. I worked in NYC for a seven years whose clients included Pepsico, pfiezer, home depot et cetera. Believe it or not I was a lead designer for a line a healthy snack food for a legendary American Boxer and the packaging and the product was neither healthy nor was the packaging (the bottom line and the pizzazz always wins) after hundreds + of hours of work. It has to be done... thank you for your communication. Please let me get together some information and I would like to share... however I now have to sleep it is 5:30 ish in the am. Let me know your thoughts.... I cannot let this happen in my lifetime (even though I don't have children) and as I may have said it must come from the people because government will not do anything... we have been in the dark about this for too long.

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Hi Josephine,

I hope you have a good rest.

First up, I would recommend you join the Circular Design Guide LinkedIn group -
This group is about design & the circular economy. It's run jointly by IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. There might be a few potential collaborators there, as well as on this platform.

Also, where are you located? We have a Global Chapter that might interest you -

Please do feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. Your background and knowledge will be incredibly useful in this challenge.