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Design recyclable single-used sachet for liquid consumer products

Redesign current sachet design in such a way that it can be easily recyclable

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My Idea is to design a sachet which will be easily recyclable.

My design will work as shown in attachment,


It shows basic design of sachet, the sachet will have material filled in two sections.

At the time of filling material in production process, firstly material will be filled up to parting line level and than sealing at parting line will be done and after that material will be filled above the sealed parting line.

Than as shown sachet will be partly perforated at left top corner.


Now the sachet has came to end user from Factory.

The user will firstly tear off the sachet by using partly perforation at left top corner & than he/she will get access to the material in upper section.

After using material in upper section which is much more than in lower section the user will want to access the material in lower section & for doing that he/she has to completely tear off the sachet from middle by using provision provided at right top corner and open it like shown in IMAGE-C.

Now user will get access to small amount of material left in lower section.


Now sachet is completely open and all material is utilized.

But we can see that the perforation used initially for using upper section material is now converted in to a notch at upper middle position.


Now sachet has done its job and it has to be disposed.

Now the real work starts, for making this design recyclable, what is to be done is, the end user or the waste collector has to stack these sachets using the notches created, by inserting notches in each other as shown in IMAGE-D.

- Here what we observe is that the stacked sachets will be heavy in weight, eliminating its problem of being light weight, secondly the completely open sachet will make cleaning easily possible.

- Thus this design will be best for making economically recyclable sachets. 


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