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Redesigned zero waste local event

Take a local event in your home city and transform it into a zero waste event, involving all stakeholders from the mayor to the tourists

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In every city in the world, municipalities are proposing animations to drag more and more tourists. Those can be concerts, sports event, cultural events, national celebration day...

Those events do drag a lot of tourists. But what they leave behind them is very ugly!

Take the example of the recent Tour de France. This race drags a lot of spectators wherever the cyclists are passing through, leaving behind a huge amount of waste, mostly plastics!

Our idea is to transform those events into zero waste events, one city at a time, one event at a time.

We will start with our city of Pornic and choose one event during the summer holidays as this is the time where there is the biggest affluence.

Of course, this have to be a partnership with the municipality.

But we intend to involve all citizens in this organisation, and all local businesses:

During the event, everyone will play the game and make a zero plastic waste day - in bars and restaurants especially. Vendors and suppliers will be asked to provide only reusable or recyclable items. Volunteers among citizens will sponsor tourists to drive them towards a zero waste day.

We will emphasize on the sponsorship principle between people, advance zero or low waste accompanying newbies to change.

Idea Title


Company / Organization Name

This is a local community proposal, and we agreed to have this idea carried out by AIM AND SCORE consulting company


Where are you / your team located?

Pornic, France

How does this Idea redesign unrecyclable small format plastic items that often end up as waste?

This idea does not literally redesign small format plastics but it aims at raising awareness of the amount of waste we generate and ultimately demonstrate that alternatives exists and sponsor people to change their habits towards sustainable habits.

Which use cases does your Idea apply to?

This idea apply to all 3 use cases as all small format plastics are used in events.

In what geographical context or area does your Idea plan to operate / solve?

This idea is to be implemented locally and serve as a model for other communities to deploy.
We will start with Pornic, France

How do you envision scaling up your Idea?

Scaling up: model the event, make videos and a website accessible to anyone would like to do the same in his local community

Obstacles: we will need full support from the municipality, local restaurants and bars, and find enough volunteers among citizens to organize the sponsorship.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Research & Early Testing: You are exploring an idea, gathering inspiration and information needed to test it with real users.

Please describe how becoming a Top Idea and working with the Think Beyond Plastics Accelerator Program will help to accelerate your solution.

Implementing this idea will require a lot of man-hours, especially to identify suppliers that might provide enough recyclable / edible / biodegradable items for the event.
Getting the support of the New Plastics Economy Accelerator Program will ease setting up a team but more important, it will give us more visibility and credibility.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

This idea emerged from our community brainstorming, especially for this challenge

Tell us about your work experience

I am the founder of a consulting company (AIM AND SCORE) that help companies and startups with their innovation projects - from ideas to market launch.
I am also Alumni Coach for IDEO U onlin courses

Please describe your legal and organizational structure

AIM AND SCORE is an established company


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Photo of Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)

Hey all,
My name is Meghann and I also work for the Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)  I put together a few zero waste events at my college campus in the United States. One difficulty I have found with hosting zero waste events is finding enough volunteers to stand behind the waste stations when you have events that are happening continually such as every weekend. I was wondering if you had any creative ideas with recruiting volunteers, especially as you start to host more and more zero waste events?

Photo of Oriol Segarra

Hi Meghann, my advise would be to have less volunteers by letting the bins explain themselves, first of all you need to know very well the kind of waste that will be generated and try to minimize it, when you have framed this you would need to create signs on top of each bin pointing which object goes where. That's what we did on our first Zero Waste event, we just generated 100kg of trash with 1200 people attending the event. check more here:

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