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NeuBev Company is changing the way you drink

NeuBev has built an eco-smart water cooler that enable beverage brands to serve their consumers while eliminating single use plastic bottles

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Neubev will transform the beverage industry into a dynamic technological advance system that will not only create incredible value for everyone in the beverage supply chain but also protect the environment from the production, transportation, and disposal of non-biodegradable plastic bottles. The initial flagship product will be a for the modern office that will filter, chill, and flavor tap water using organic flavors. The ultimate goal is the creation of a universal drink “printer.”

The Problem

Neubev is addressing 3 problems within the beverage industry. The first and biggest problem is that the current way we drink is wasteful in terms of resource management and transportation costs especially when it comes to bottled water. The illusion of better water,(bottled water) requires a lot of resources to manufacture and merchandise. The industry requires the cost of natural rivers and streams, local aquifers, semi-truck exhaust and diesel fuel, packaging, labeling, pollution of non-biodegradable plastic and the managing of recycling centers. All companies within the industry must go through the following distribution channels in order to get to market.

Notice the number of times that a bottle of water must get on a truck. Water is an expensive medium to ship and store. It is one of the few commercial products that cannot be altered to minimize weight and bulk. A gallon of water will always weight 8.3 lbs andbe 231 cubic inches. The majority of the cost of a single bottle of water comes from transportation and packaging.

The second problem is that current beverage offerings are full of sugar and chemical strapped in a non-biodegradable cage. The current prevalent trend in the beverage industry is towards healthy better for you beverages using sustainable and organic ingredients. Consumers are spending more and more money and picking brands that offer these types of drinks.

The third problem is that information on consumers habits is non-existent or limited to sales figures. There are very few methods currently available for brands to understand their users about how and why they are drinking what they are drinking. Sales figures can only show what is selling, not necessarily the why and who is buying. In our current age of big data and data mining, not having access to this information is detrimental to the future of any industry.

The Solution

 The solution to these issues will be built into our smart water coolers. This is because the team at Neubev are pragmatic in our mission to eliminate the plastic bottle. We understand that in order to convince consumers and the industry to see things our way, we need to create a win-win-win situation for all parties involved. So we built a system that provides the same or better healthier beverage choices for consumers, reduced logistical and marketing costs for brands and distributors, access to new markets, comprehensive consumer feedback and data analysis, and new advertising opportunities for brands and marketers.Think about your next beverage purchase. What exactly are you paying for? Is it the fancy bottle and label? Is it carbonation? Is it the water itself? From our research, the main reason why people choose one beverage over the other is the perceived flavor and any claimed health benefits. Flavor makes up an insignificant part of the total volume of a bottle. What if there was a way to isolate those flavors and health benefits into a concentrate then use it to flavor cheap clean water from tap lines. All into your favorite reusable bottle.

Premium water and artisanal water - filtering of water and reintroducing minerals and salts to recreate the taste of expensive water in your office.

Our systems will be connected to cloud based servers (Amazon Web Services). This functionality paired with a machine learning capabilities allows our systems to track and analyze consumption habits of our users. Now brands and advertisers will have comprehensive insight into their users.

NeuBev was featured in an article by the Pensacola News Journal

as well 2nd Place in the Pre-revenue category during the Innovation Coasts Awards

Idea Title

Changing the way we drink

Company / Organization Name

We are the NeuBev Company and we want to reduce the associated costs and waste of plastic bottles including small plastic caps and label.


Where are you / your team located?

We are located in Pensacola, Florida USA

How does this Idea redesign unrecyclable small format plastic items that often end up as waste?

We built NeuBev as a new distribution model for the entire beverage supply chain. By installing these high tech dispensers where people spend most of their days (work, office, gym, schools) and promoting the use of reusable bottles, we can help reduce the need for plastic bottles and all its associated costs and waste. NeuBev intends to bring in beverage brands to promote and serve their product through our dispensers. Its a win for consumers, a win for the brands, and a win for the environment

Which use cases does your Idea apply to?

Sara works in a office with 10 other employees. Everyday she notices that her and her coworkers are constantly buying product from the vending machines. These products are usually sugary calorie laden sodas and juices. What's worse is she sees that every can and bottle gets thrown into the trash can instead of the recycling can. What if there was a better way to drink healthier without the need for single use bottles?

In what geographical context or area does your Idea plan to operate / solve?

Our initial entry will be within the southeast United States and then a gradual expansion into the greater United States with international expansion plans as further funding is raised.

How do you envision scaling up your Idea?

We are marketing the service in 3 ways: 1. a highly customizable healthier alternative to sodas and fruit drinks for the end user, 2. a cost effective employee benefit and retention service 3. a possible way to increase employee health and reduction in insurance costs In order to achieve this, we target office managers and health/wellness administrators within organizations. The biggest obstacles is cost of production and scaling as well as competing against the large corporations.

At what stage of development is your Idea?

  • Piloting: You have started to implement your solution as a whole with a first set of real users. You may have started to develop a business model for your idea, including identifying key customer segments, relevant partnerships, go-to-market strategy, and draft financials.
  • Full-scale roll-out: You have developed a pilot, tested, and analyzed the impact of that pilot as it pertains to the problem scope. You are ready to expand the pilot significantly and begin to scale.

Please describe how becoming a Top Idea and working with the Think Beyond Plastics Accelerator Program will help to accelerate your solution.

Our goal is start initial production for our early adopters. We have about 7 companies that want our service for their employees but no funds to build the production models. The prize money will go towards that. But most importantly, being a Top Idea and part of the accelerator will allow us to connect and cooperate with influencers within the New Plastics Economy. We intend to continually innovate in this technology with our eventual goal of creating a universal drink printer for home use.

Please describe from where your Idea emerged

You ever look at something and ask why? That is what happened when I (Thinh Nguyen) noticed about single use plastic bottles and cans. Why are people paying $1.25 for something that costs a fraction of cent and then throwing it away? Why are companies allowed to take a communities water supply, bottle it, slap a label and some fancy marketing on it, and sell it at 100x-500x markup? The NeuBev Company believes this is an industry that needs to be disrupted. For our health and for the environment.

Tell us about your work experience

Thinh Nguyen is the business development lead. Stratton is our hardware/electrical engineer, and Ross Dahlstrom is our software/AI development engineer. Together, we want to change the way you drink

Please describe your legal and organizational structure

We are organized as a Florida S-Corporation


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