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Physical and emotional Care to disable girls and women victims of sexual abuse in rural areas of South-Kivu, Bukavu.

Improve the well-being of the disable girls and women victims of sexual abuse through physical and emotional care with an holistic programme

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To get people’s ideas about the improvement of living conditions of the physical disable girls and women victims of sexual abuse, I have made gender analysis through focus group discussions with 20 people: ten men/boys and  ten women/girls. Both groups have expressed their observation and views about the mistreatment of the disable girls and women. And we came to a conclusion that it’s important to raise community awareness on the consideration of the disable persons in general but also it’s important to educate the disable girls to have positive consideration of themselves, self-protection and economic self-care. It was observed that the disable boys and men are also victims but the society, cultures, help more men and boys to find their ways. While disable girls are seen as heavy burden for the communities, the disable boys are respected as men, chiefs. To help the disable girls and women, the groups have made the cartography of  the different interveners at local areas and who can contribute to improve the well-being of the disable girls and women victims of sexual abuse.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Many communities are discriminative toward women. But it is surprising to see that women are heavily considered when they have to provide pleasure to men and satisfy their desire. It's important that policies provide equal consideration of men and women and make an end to violence against women in the world. This will be possible when culture will be engaged in positive masculinity and equality.

Tell us about your work experience:

I work as Coordinator of the Trauma centres for 10 years to assist traumatised girls and women sexually abused during war. With my team, we provide them holistic assistance to rebuild their lives.

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Hi Mema,

I just want to check you got the right challenge for your post. This is the caregiver for dementia challenge.

Did you mean to post in the How might we radically improve access to, and quality of, sexual and reproductive health education and services for young people?