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MyBrainCare - your personal Brain Trainer

MyBrainCare is your personal Brain Trainer - It engages the Alzheimer patient and provides relief to caregivers (by Amit, Catherine, Gautam)

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During the research phase, we found that living with Dementia (Alzheimer) patient is not straightforward. The patients are generally fit to perform daily chores until they hit advance stages. Detection is generally delayed and/or symptoms ignored. 95% cases were found where the diagnosis was done incorrectly, leading to delay in appropriate treatment.

The starting point for us is to spread awareness and bring an end to the stigma attached with dementia. And thus bring Dementia care to every doorstep.

Patient Side: Our proposal is the recognize patterns of the human behavior and recognize changes to the pattern. Continue to use these patterns if the person is diagnosed with Dementia and provide indicators of progression and also stimulate patient with exercise brain on regular bases.

Old age is a reality and with the growth in old age population the resources needed to Dementia will cross the funding available with Govt of many countries. Thus, just like investing in the pension scheme, people should be investing some time towards brain health. There are several preparations that the person should be able to do for themselves during the early stages.

We also aim to provide affordable assisted living through the use of Robotics and artificial intelligence.

Caregiver side: Caregivers live unpredictive life and their personal life usually takes a toll. The stress levels cross the limits and thus the caregiver needs an equally important support. Our solution is meant to study caregivers activity patterns and start to assist caregiver completing some of their tasks, provide break times, etc. E.g. based on the pattern of the patient, notify caregiver about the next hour of break time and thus recommending them to spend time on themselves for their own well being or just take a power nap - that'll be a big relief for the caregivers.

Thus, MyBrainCare is a vision to have interactions with the person when they are healthy and in case the brain waves hit to cause dementia. It provides stimulus to the patient.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

The inspiration comes from the caregiver friends and family members who stood tall and fought Dementia. Their journey was tough but they decided to support their loved one. These people had great strength but they too deserved a better support and motivation. Our biggest learning is to build support systems around the caregivers as they are the one who gets affected the most.


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Hi Amit Arora !

It is great to have you in the challenge. I noticed that you post in the research phase, which is great. However, this is more of an idea submission.

Would you like me to move your post to the ideas phase so it can be considered in the evaluation process for this challenge?Amit Arora 

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Thanks Kate Rushton
That'll be great.

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