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My Plea as One in Early Stage Dementia

I share my perspective on how to help dementia victims, as one who is in early stages of his own dementia

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I had a lucrative law practice, before experiencing two brain aneurysms, which led to a stroke and the early onset of dementia.  As an early stage dementia victim, I share my perspectives on how my caretakers have helped me enjoy life, despite slowly "losing my brain."  

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Most caregivers try to treat their "demented" loved ones as little children. I am fine with that; but I also believe that the best caregivers are those who themselves become as little children. Don't be the adult in my life; be my companion and a child along with me. Too many caretakers come across as "parents" to a child, rather than as a little child themselves. Have fun with me.

Tell us about your work experience:

I was a successful lawyer and officer of a large financial services company, before my stroke.


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Thank you Ssev. I echo your thoughts, having discovered more fun in my mother who suffers from dementia simply by being present in the moment with her and by responding to her, whether that be impromptu dancing in the kitchen or simply witnessing the small wonders in nature together, as I would with my young niece and nephew. I've also learned to smile when she uses the wrong words. These approaches have made my times with her far more enjoyable and have increased in my resilience and patience during trickier moments.

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Good for you, Jim; that's excellent!

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