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Dead at noon

A moving letter to explain a decision to die in order to avoid dementia.

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The letter says it all:

"Understand that I am giving up nothing that I want by committing suicide. All I lose is an indefinite number of years of being a vegetable in a hospital setting, eating up the country's money but having not the faintest idea of who I am."

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Dementia is terminal. In fact Alzheimer's is the third most common way to die in high income economies ( As carers we must also be prepared for people choosing not to live with dementia and support their decision if we can*. *euthanasia is only legal in very few places, and in dementia only possible in the early stages.

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I am a designer currently doing a PhD


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Thank you for sharing this, Marije!

I found this quote to be very powerful - 'Each of us is born uniquely and dies uniquely. I think of dying as a final adventure with a predictably abrupt end. I know when it's time to leave and I do not find it scary.'

Photo of Marije Haas

It is beautiful, isn't it.