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CareMaps from the Atlas of Caregiving

Atlas CareMaps: hand-drawn representations of a caregiver’s own support system to highlight what works & where there are duplications & gaps

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I wanted to highlight CareMaps from the Atlas of Caregiving to the OpenIDEO community. I am hoping the CareMaps might inspire someone to create their own CareMap or use a CareMap as an inspiration for an idea. 

'A CareMap is a drawing that helps caregivers see their situation clearly showing who they care for, who cares for them, and who cares for/supports the caregiver. This helps caregivers better plan for potential difficulties, manage the different people involved, identify missing resources and services, and better communicate your situation and needs to family, friends and professionals.'

Source: Introduction to CareMaps by Atlas of Caregiving

This could provide valuable insights for two of the intended results of the challenge:

  • 'Improve the ability of the caregiver to provide better quality of in-home care to the care-recipient / loved one
  • Combat social isolation of caregivers'

How to Draw Your Own CareMap

Source: How to Draw Your Own CareMap by Atlas of Caregiving

For more resources on creating a CareMap, check out the Atlas of Caregiving website here

It includes several examples of CareMaps including more detail on a CareMap for Fay: 'Fay (30s) cares for her mother Josephine (70s) who has Alzheimer’s. With no one to help her, she has put her PhD studies on hold to provide 24×7 care.'

This is Fay's CareMap:

The circles represent physical distances from Fay. The people in the outer circle are further away. 

Source: CareMap Example: Fay

I am very interested in knowing if members of the OpenIDEO community have created or will create a CareMap. Did it result in a plan of action or action steps being taken?

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How can we support caregivers with a service that meets their individual needs but is scalable?

Tell us about your work experience:

I am a Community Manager for this challenge.


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