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Caregiver Support System

The caregiver needs assistance in managing tough behavior, how good it'll be if there are life sessions conducted online for them - 1 on 1.

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.The caregiver Support system is a video monitoring environment which can be used by the caregiver in several ways as follows:

1) Monitor the patient while caregiver cannot be physically present next to the patient.

2) To capture the tough behaviors showcased by the patient. Also, capture pre and post behavior.

3) Connect online with Doctor and Nurse to discuss the progression.

4) Attend community discussions - without leaving your loved one behind.

5) Learn from experts in the comfort of your home.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Lack of time and caregiver priority is a major cause of the ignored symptoms. Sometimes what the patient wants is a company of loved once and being virtually around is feasible with the emergence of technology.


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Hi Amit,

Great idea! this is the thing that I'm missing, a platform where people can recommend products like this and share their stories ! I think some other people would like to discuss products such as monitoring because they don't agree with certain aspects of the idea (privacy issues) or would find it too expensive etc etc
Wouldn't you agree?


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Thanks for raising this very important point. Monitoring is something critical and can be surrounded by the privacy concern. There is a great need to discuss the monitoring aspects (and I hope to receive more feedback from community) and arrive at a sustainable solution.
Issues of personal and healthcare information of individuals is a concern, at the same time the safety and security of the patients is found to be a bigger concern for caregivers. Our learning during the research phase is that the primary caregiver is driven my affection and responsibility towards the patient and usually found to living life for patient. The analogy that there is no privacy concerns between patient and caregiver is the driver to open a secure channel of communication through video conference anytime between both of them so that caregiver can stay connected even though she is away to attend to other work. Clearly, the communication protocols need to be secured, every possible effort to be made to ensure the conversation not reaching anyone not designated to receive it and required consents from patients need to be obtained as per regulations of the local govt.

My concern (and I hope Ideo's reason to choose this challenge) is not mere privacy but the fight against the social stigma. What we found during research phase is that, when it comes to Alzheimer, it's the social stigma that holds back many (most) people to reach out to a psychiatrist and discuss the changing behavior. Lack of awareness and Ignorance in early stages usually leads to extreme repentance for close family members.

I believe that a platform like this would facilitate a comfortable way to connect Patient and Caregivers with community.

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