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People are for people

Forming a bond with all can form a civilized, well-organized, prosperous nation. Where there is no violence,envy, war, is possible.

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People need each other's cooperation in order to live in a social life society. Empathy, sympathy are an important factor. The economic and social conditions of the countries in which the countries were involved in the war are very shy. Hand-to-shoulder contact with neglected or disadvantaged people in society contributes significantly to the development of a humanitarian system. The success of the nation, society, country or even the person has not been achieved in the past.

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Music and Memory
IF you love someone with dementia
App developed to give families more freedom while caring for dementia sufferers.
When My Dad Thinks He's a Chili Pepper...
Best Dementia Caregivers Recognition Award
Rituals of Farewell
Why do caregivers do it?
Notes on Dementia Friendly Communities for Caregivers and their carepartners living with dementia
Studies indicates 'Caregivers’ Willingness to Pay for Technologies to Support Caregiving for older adults is capped at approx USD 75/month.
Sweet N'Low
We Have Solved the Problem of People Walking Away and Forgetting their Cooking Which Can Start a Dangerous Stove Fire
Using "Third Plane" to reach individuals living with dementia.
The Power of Story
Social Interaction Improves Quality Of Life For People With Dementia
What dementia care partners say they need
SilviaBo, A new type of BoKlok home designed for elderly people with dementia.
US survey indicates caregivers are "undertrained and overwhelmed"
Education for dementia caregivers: technically speaking, what do you need to know to be certified?
Spending a weekend with an aged grandpa in dementia ages; like a child that play
Respite Lite: Part of the Respite Care Share family
New York University Caregiver Intervention Decreases Depression and Distress
The power of music
Predicting what you'll get tomorrow - understanding nuanced behaviors
The Savvy Caregiver Program
Contented Dementia - The SPECAL method
Other kinds of caregiving research may provide additional insights
Connecting Dementia parents with extended family
Adult Caregivers Under-trained,  Overwhelmed, Says Poll
The power of stories
Power of Care Teams
She is not a liar; she's in dementia.
Immersion and Empathy through VR
Physical and emotional Care to disable girls and women victims of sexual abuse in rural areas of South-Kivu, Bukavu.
Circumnavigating benevolent technology
In The Moment
For Centuries, A Small Town Has Embraced Strangers With Mental Illness
Just checking out and thinking about the issue
A brave new world - the power of positivity and empathy
Ambient solutions within living habitats
When Jimmie Met Sally
"The amazing outcomes of the old people's home for 4 year olds..."
How to Spot Early Signs of Dementia in an Aging Parent?
What Would Have Helped Me
"There is no hope, no purpose." An interview with a caregiver
Caring for My Father
My Grandpa and Alzheimer's
Communication, engagement and aesthetics
Involving people with dementia in activities
Differences between conducting activities with people with dementia in institutional and family contexts
Fewer than 25% of family caregivers to adults 65+ use services developed specifically to help them deal with care responsibilities
Surveillance technologies for people with dementia and family caregivers that meet their needs
Technology and caring designs: become involved and empowered.
My dad has dementia - on the other side of the world
General Insights learned from Mom.
Using Tech to Facilitate Circles of Support
Action plan from diagnosis to providing care for someone with dementia
Adapting to Alzheimer and dementia
What do those who are living in the world of dementia need?
Go where they are by making small changes in the environment
Most popular products to help those living with dementia
Behaviours that may be seen in care-recipients with dementia (causes and tips for caregivers) - Example of Sundowning
Feed Your Head
Taking care is work too
Alzheimers - The Learning Journey
The Unforgettable 'kitemark'
Free US govt care summit livestreaming today Oct 16 & tomorrow Oct 17
Designability - a role model for how to design for dementia
The Unforgettable Story
Remarkable Technology Fights Isolation in the Senior Population
What do you see?
An Interview With A Wife and Daughter Currently Looking After A Loved One With Louie Body Dementia
Chaos To Clarity....Then Back To Chaos.
How to transform a room into a train
Caregiver awards to reward inspired caregiving
Grandfather with Dementia in developing country
What do you see? (Part II)
The lifecycle of a caregiver
Mother, daughter, sister, of people who are challenged by spoken language
How I get my mother takes her medicine
My Ups and Downs of Dementia with my Stepmom
Don’t underestimate the transformative power of technology
Dealing with my aged relative.
how i care for
Using technology to bring nature into built environments
The Sensory Trust; working with nature to encourage independence and wellbeing
Including your children in caregiving.
Working in dementia care communities, meeting hundreds of people with dementia
Helping awakening memories through music and sounds
Therapy Cats for Dementia Patients, Batteries Included
What to do?
Robot Cats for the Elderly
Electronic monitoring can help preserve independence
Help Needed
Sharing Economy of Gratitude: Family Caregivers As Their Best Resource for Support and Collaboration
At home in a trailer
Strengthening bonds between people with dementia and their carers
Meaningful Connection through Creative Engagement (revision 12.13.17)
Hello Caregiver: Your Helper in Alzheimer's and Dementia Care (updated 12/26)
A personalized experience to caregivers from where they can access on-demand content and conversations
The live show by mobile phone
Toothpaste tube
Generate insights using a smart bracelet
Focusing on what they DO remember
Embracing the role
The use of Alkaline Water  and  Dementia Disease condition
Short life stories build empathy for people with dementia who can't tell their own stories
Dementia Home Support System
Where am I ?
It is a responsibility to take care of the elderly dementia people.
Helping the Care Giver
a social network supporting caregiver and his/her recipient
"I just felt so alone. My grandfather had dementia and thought I was trying to kill him. I didn't know where to turn." Caregiving is hard.
Expanded Social Network
Myco (My Cognition) the voice assistant app for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) tracking
Communicating as a child to a child, rather than as a parent to a child
Social networking app for Caregivers
Psychologist Support Group for the Caregivers and Care-recipients
Strengthening bonds between people with dementia and their carers
Caregiver Answers Network (CAN): A link to resources and solutions for dementia care needs.
We Have Solved the Problem of People Walking Away and Forgetting their Cooking Which Can Start a Dangerous Stove Fire
Facts does not help but feelings helps
Caregiver awards to reward inspired caregiving
Reject the "day care" model, embrace the "club" model: Establish a new approach to "adult day services"
Intouch Health
The Caregiver Coffeebreak
Creating special networking centers for caregivers and care-recipients
Monitoring and managing early signs of dementia using MouthLab, a rapid medical assessment device for both patients and caregivers.
Respite Lite [Updated 12.25.17 with goals]
Discussing technologies for people with dementia and family caregivers that meet their needs
: Developing a requirement tool community
Supporting caregivers with health psychosocial assessment
Creating an Online Mindfulness-Based Dementia Care Community (MBDC): 
No Boundaries, No Barriers  (12/23, final edits & attachments)
Virtual Caregiver Summit (Updated December 26, 2017)(Final Review)
The kickoff for dementia care campaign
A Caregiving Community Created by Family Caregivers (Who Get Paid)
Custom sunrise to remember with
Photo Finish
Companion Chefs with Local Foods
Build Emotional Intelligence for Empathy and Self Compassion
Care Partnership Art Journal
The Dementia Mealtime Assessment Tool (The DMAT)
Viola -
a biography-app for dementia-sufferers and their caregivers
Art Classes with Children and Loved ones
Being in the Moment
Hivemind - caregiver mentoring network [updated 12.25]
"Know The Peculiarity" Campaign.
Caregiver’s Guide: A Daily Dementia Tip to Understanding Dementia Behaviors
GeriJoy: Digital, Dementia Care Avatars to Support the Family Caregiver
Connection Through Positive Communication and Storytelling
Take the First Step.
The Weal Life App {updated: December 22, 2017}
"Sriti Sudhay" a bengali word meaning Memories Beckon
Africa Caregivers' Network (ACN): Linking You to Resources, Events, and Information
Decrease worry and improve care management with information from data analytics
Connections e-Newsletter: A Weekly Newspaper Insert containing all the information needed for one to care for persons with Dementia.
CareShare: a support network for Dementia caregivers
Stress recognition: measure HRV
The Compassion Box
Parables of Care: Using comics to share dementia care good practice and enhance empathetic and creative dementia care
Watch me! App [Updated 12.20]
Caring together
Using the Five Senses to Help Dementia Patients
Embodying a Person with Alzheimer's in Virtual Reality (VR)
TechCare (Final - Updated 12/26)
Tap into the hospice volunteer network
Carefolio from Evergreen Healthcare Technology
Favorite Things - Reminiscence Products (DVDs, Photo & Activity Cards)
Induction kettle and stand alone hob
Music activity-based cognitive assessment and training system for the aging population
VYTALITY connects family, elders, community for peak health,
bringing everyone together to meet needs and get support.
Enhancing the capacities of female primary and secondary caregivers to improve mental health of their loved ones with dementia[Videos 26/12]
A New Profession: "Geriatric Family Monitors" - Going Beyond Pharmacological Treatment
Translating educational media (and creating appropriate new media) to help linguistic and ethnic minority caregivers in the U.S.
The E-Caregiver Fights Isolation Using Cloud Technology to Save Money and Alleviate Caregiver Stress.
Family Planning Network (FPN)
Helping Hands!
Reducing the Symptoms of Caregiver Compassion Fatigue Utilizing Equine Assisted Learning
Nosco | prototype of a mobile application for caregivers of people living with Dementia and Alzheimer's.
Hazel: preserving meaningful conversations
Helping caregivers and dementia patients by integrating transformative technology to simplify their lives
Hello Rita! (Custom Memory & Orientation Photo Books)
Training to all care givers and all are connected by mobile apps to trouble shoot any single problem by collective efforts of caregivers
Caregiving Toolkit - Caring For You While You Care For Them
Inspire and incentivize student interns: real-life work experience that can ease the emotional and financial toll for family care partners.
Baseline mV: Insight into mental health
"I Understand You," An Empathy Assessment and Training Program for Family Dementia Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals.
Prompt by Memrica (Updated 12/24/17 - Happy Christmas everyone!)
Stay tuned! with the messaging radio supporting social inclusion
Make visible the signs
Wellcro - Wellness through velcro!
In touch with dementia pillow
HOME screen for TV
The New Normal - Survival Kit For Caregiving Heroes
Start With Yes:  Dementia Communication Essentials Program
Call in the Caregiver Cavalry
Facebook Messenger Chatbot + Website for Information
Dementia: what's to be done by those who are around
Coach Hugo: Supporting the process of adaptability and embracing the role of caregivers within an internship scheme.
Adult Lullaby Therapy
Using Dreamwork to Strengthen Bonds Between Family Caregivers and People with Dementia.
Building Relationships Between Caregivers and Professional Assisted Living Facility Staff.
Feed your head Book
Herd: A mobile app offering fast, reliable advice and support for caregivers, by caregivers.
Therapalz: Smart Therapeutic Companion Animals
Healing Spaces | Re-imagining dementia care through playful, multi-sensory experiences
WHAT MATTERS - Conversation Game
Adaptive experience room
Project "Warm house"
Community Education Clinics (CECs) in Delhi
Unforgettable: The App
The Mini-cog campaign
『Giving』- A mobile App for delivering care for others
Leave a message
CareCenter: Let our Family Care for Yours
The Dresser
Help U Care Virtual Assistant
Technological resources to support caregivers of patients with dementia
"What Caregivers Want to Know," FAQs for Caregivers
GUIDEMENTIA - Supporting caretaker and caregiver with performing everyday activities
[UPDATED Dec. 26: New Video, Refinement Questions, User Journey] BrightGuide: Relearn Your Daily Activities By Watching Videos of Yourself
Get connected with others
Managing Behaviors
Teepa Snow's Positive Approach© to Care:  Online Care Partner Support Series
Living Memories
The Art of Reminiscing
Helping caregivers & families with a dementia diagnosis turn "What's next?" into "Next steps"
A total Solution to Dementia Care
The Memory Box
Training Programs Designed to Teach Family Caregivers How to Respond to Fluctuating Behaviors
Conpago and the Messaging Kettle (Updated, Refinement questions, software demo, feedback and findings from user testing. 24/12/17)
Evidence-based educational tool for caregivers of loved ones with dementia (12/21 description, refinement, attachments)
ShareCare Application: Updated Dec 26th
Provide Better Alzheimer's / Dementia Care & Caregiver Cost Planning with Genivity (Updated 12/22 - Caregiver Feedback)
Social connectivity through photo chat
AI-Assisted Online Communities to Scalably Offer Anonymous Caregiver Peer Support
Easy-to-use tools for people who have cognitive impairment to eat independently.
Helping caregivers navigate the world with a loved one with dementia
VitalAlly is a virtual health collaboration tool helping families care for their most precious relationships.
Dance4Healing: dance for healthier, happier, and smarter living. Updated 12/26: Deck, Prototype, and Videos: 1.Story. 2.Caregiver Insights.
How might we help caregivers better engage with their loved ones by “meeting them where they are”?
Visual signboards for dementia care support with linking to an app chat to care giver group community and dementia patient support channel.
Dementia Friendly Neighbourhoods
Team up with other Dementia caregivers using technology
MemoryMap and Memory Module
12 Tiny Well-being Tips for Caregivers
Dementia Awareness & Support - A replicable model

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