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A School/institution with structured/planned activities/timetable for people with Dementia

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it better support family caregivers as they care for a loved one with dementia?

The idea is to create a proper school for people going through stages of dementia ,the school will be designed to provide following solution :- 1) Provide assitance/guidance to person going through the stages of Dementia 2) Assign daily timetable to keep person engaged 3) Help family member embracing the role and responsibility of caregiver 4) Provide knowledge of what to expect in journey ahead 5) provide assitance to reduce stress of Family members

The idea of  careschool for people suffering from dementia is in the similar lines of regular day school that we have for kids,

Careschool will provide exactly same assitance to famliy members what regular schools provides for parents, parents are constantly worried about their kids even when they hire a babysitter, but once  a child is left in a school suddenly that worry disappears, its because of psychological trust that they have developed for an institution called school and that trust was established beacuse of the environment that school created,at care school we are going to do exactly the same,our careschool will provide

a) structured timetable: - 

Like regular schools , we will  create a day planned out with structured activites for people suffering with dementia ,by nature all of us (kids to adults) are in search of some activity to keep ourselves engaged, but people suffering from dementia because of their condition cant do that , thus our careschool will do that for them, according to their stage and age we will have a planned out day routine in groups,which will constantly keep them engaged.  the resaon behind having activites in group (like classroom) is to create a sense of belonging and also reassuring them that they are not the only one's suffering from dementia,they will feel more comfortable when they will be around with same set of people.

b) counselling :-

our care school will have counselling sessions for people suffering from dementia and also for their family members, sessions will be according to stages people are going through,the sessions will not just provide them support but will also prepare them for stages to come.

c)  Daily Assignments: -

like we have assignments in regular school, our care school will give different joint assignment after school for family members and for people suffering, as this activity will keep them engaged and create bonding at home

d) Regular FMM (Family members meet) :-

Like PTA's we will have regular family member meets for different families to come together and discuss about their concerns

e) Managing expenses :-

Our care school will also help family care givers financially by buying the needed medication in bluk at cheaper rates, we will be able to do that because of number of people enrolled in our school  

the above points are just the beginning we can add many more activites/facilites as we grow

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

1) First we would share the idea with the families who have members suffering from dementia and get their inputs. 2) Then we will carry out one month event of our structured program on trail basis and check it's results

What skills, input, or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Help me validate my idea by carrying out above experiment and pass it on to some organisation to execute it,as i wont be able to execute it because of my prior commitments.

How long has your idea existed?

  • 0-3 months

This idea emerged from

  • An Individual

Tell us about your work experience:

my entrepreneurial voyage began when i was 13, invested some amount in organizing fun fare, then during my gradution and post gradution program carried out few small temprory business activites ,now i run my own business & recently started a travel app which was also selected for FBstart program


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Hi Nikhil Shankar Dulhani,

It is great to have you in the challenge. How would this fit into the busy life of someone like Derrick - ?

I look forward to seeing your response.

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Hi Kate,
Hope you receive this message at best of your health,
As i read through Derricks situation ,i felt more strongly about my care school idea, as mentioned Derrick was finding it difficult to cope up with situation as he had so many questions for his fathers health whom he loved so much,
With care school we could help derrick by providing him counselling , At care school we will have an open free counselling sessions, where any person like derrick can walk in and we could provide him assistance by giving needed information of what his father( or any loved one) might be going through, how can he cope up with it, also give him some examples of past cases and how others coped up with it, we could also connect him to our other family caregivers who have enrolled their loved once to our care school.

Most importantly people going through this phase, need sense of Support, an assurance that there is someone with them during this phase ,someone knowledgeable to guide them and that some one can be our care school ,

During our counselling we could also share with derrick an idea of enrolling his father to our school and also how we can help him through this phase, we can also inform him about stages that he might face in future and provide him detailed info about how to deal with it and what measures to be taken during that phase

Apart from having difficulty in coping up with situation, derrick had to also relocate, for that we could consider of opening care school in different cities which are synchronized digitally so that they could share important data of the people who are enrolled in it (after taking needed permission from their guardians) so that in case if family has to relocate , they could just enroll their loved one without going through any procedure or being concerned about the facilities/service as we will have homogeneous service across all care schools

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