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Interactive Calendar

The calendar encourages our loved ones stay active in a structured day, and stay connected with family members.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it better support family caregivers as they care for a loved one with dementia?

This idea is designed for people with dementia who lives in a facility. Besides it provides loved ones with dementia a structured day instead of being bored and staying in bed the whole day, it helps family members to reach their loved ones through leaving a voice message, and check if they are doing ok. It also gives loved ones support that people care about them.

The Interactive Calendar has different icons of tasks that need to be accomplished in a day. The icons pop out from the wall and light up to reminds loved one with dementia get out of bed and do the task. For example, a "mushroom" pops out and loved one need to go to the dining room to have lunch, so he needs to push it back before leaving his room. When he comes back, another icon of task will pop out. Each icon have a related smell of the task that will help stimulate loved one's memory. Family caregivers can send voice message to the calendar and the icon with their photo will pop out and play the voice message until loved one listens and pushs it back. This feature is designed since loved ones do not have a cell phone to reach out. 

The Interactive Calendar encourages loved ones with dementia to have an active life and a playful attitude to have a feeling of accomplishment. It strengthens the bonds between family members and loved ones. All the tasks done by the loved ones are received by family members so that they always keep an eye on their loved ones. 

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Tell us about your work experience:

I am a senior Industrial Designs student at California College of the Arts. I am working on my thesis project, and the Interactive Calendar is one of my concepts so far.


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Maintaining a routine helps patients with dementia to be active and carry out activities that contribute to the conservation of activities of daily living. Excellent idea!

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Thank you Enza! Yes, it is a problem for both patients with dementia and caregivers to struture their daily routine. In my experience with a person with dementia, she lies on her bed everytime I go to her room. So I want to figure out a similar daily routine for them, but at the same time, they have a feeling of being supported by people around them and having contribution and accomplishment in the actitivies which can motivate them to be active!

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It is true! Patients do not motivate themselves, and require social stimulation to stay active and consolidate a routine. Good luck with your proposal!

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