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A Caregiving Community Created by Family Caregivers (Who Get Paid)

Family caregivers receive reimbursement for creating content (blogs, podcasts, videos, conferences) that supports, educates and encourages.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it better support family caregivers as they care for a loved one with dementia?

My idea helps family caregivers of persons with dementia by providing them outlets to express their experiences while reimbursing them for the content they create. A family caregivers best resource is another family caregiver. On, we put the focus on the voice of family caregivers. Family caregivers are our bloggers, podcasters and National Caregiving Conference presenters. When family caregivers become content creators, they heal themselves while helping another.

"I have a penchant for research, a scientific curiosity about everything… not this. I was NEVER curious about this kind of thing. Oh, I’ve researched it, this disease. I have binders of information, websites bookmarked and yet NOTHING prepares a person for this stuff. It just doesn’t." ~ CatKBorn in her blog post, Stickiness, published on on October 27, 2017.

Family caregivers heal from sharing their experiences to a community that understands. In addition, they learn from each other because they're the ones living it and doing it.

Caregiving takes more than an emotional toll. According to a survey of more than 2,700 family caregivers between late August and mid-September:

• 18% of those surveyed said they spend between $5,000 and $9,999 per year

• 10% spend $10,000 to $19,999 a year and 6% spend $50,000 or more found.

Why not reimburse family caregivers for the content they create?

On, family caregivers write blog posts. In addition, one of our members, Sharon Hall, hosts a monthly podcast, Talking FTD with Geri, for family caregivers of persons with FTD. Sharon cares for her husband, diagnosed with FTD in the fall of 2015, and her mother. Sharon also hosts our weekly FTD chat on

In addition, we added a dementia care tract to our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference. Many of the presenters and panelists participating in the dementia care tract currently care for a family member with dementia. You can view our dementia care track here.

Family caregivers create a community of support when they write blog posts, host podcasts and video chats, and present at a conference. Even better: They can continue to manage their caregiving responsibilities and their lives when they receive reimbursement for the content they create.

We have the infrastructure to build on our existing blog posts, podcasts, video chats, chats and conferences to enhance our community that conveniently connects a family caregiver with the best resource available -- another family caregiver.

With your support, we can build upon what already exists and begin to pay family caregivers for the invaluable content they create.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Family caregivers began blogging on in 2009. Family caregivers have been sharing their stories through podcasts and video chats (as guests, host or co-host) since 2008. In addition, family caregivers began sharing their expertise through our virtual and annual conferences in 2015. Family caregivers have been connecting in our daily chats since 2011. We know it works.

What skills, input, or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

We would love help raising money in order to pay family caregivers for the content they create. Because we are a non-profit, we can receive tax-deductible donations. We would love help submitting grants, finding funding partners and helping with our fundraising events.

How long has your idea existed?

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This idea emerged from

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Tell us about your work experience:

In 1996, Denise M. Brown launched, the first website to add online caregiving support groups, daily caregiving chats and blogs written by family caregivers. Through its blogs posts, podcasts and video chats, holds one of the largest online libraries of caregiving storie

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