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The Worldwide Business Innovation Arts Center

Creating and Arts Center that for each prized company creates ONE MASTERPIECE which has a WORLDWIDE EXPOSURE which lets people know, through universal art, which one is the chosen company (brand and product).

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A small art center is created in order to: 1) Select THE company to reward 2) Create a smashing and awesome masterpiece through contemporary artists that signal both the company's brand and the product / service all over the world, in a cool recognition response to their contribution to society.

The target audience would be: consumers (to make them conscious on the value of innovation), employees and executives (to open their eyes and their minds to integrating and innovation thinking framework on the daily work)

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

There is no other better way to become global than having a group of artists creating a smashing communication and arty campaign, with a worldwide scope. A masterpiece that will be immortalized for good. A masterpiece with its place in history. A masterpiece that breaks the mind of many to say: 'hello this company is doing great things for the world'

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

This is for the artists to decide how to communicate this. Art pieces can move or take different forms in different places of the world, and the local broadcast media and press around them are powerful tools to give out stories, in a remarkable and memorable form. Here's one example of a public exhibition that had visibility all over the world: Another interesting case study is the initiative that the Barcelona Town Hall together with Gallina Blanca, a manufacturer of pasta, made to create awareness of a traditional Catalan Christmas dish among tourists and citizens. In this case they used 'design' in public spaces (and not art), and the impact was tremendous. They build a giant sculpture of the pasta 'Galet' (a type of pasta Catalans use for the Christmas Soup) and placed it around the city. The Art's Center may produce exhibitions for existing art spaces (rotating Worldwide), such as MOMA in NYC or the Modern Tate in London, or may use public spaces, or other unseen spaces (i.e 10 minute short film projected before a cinema movie starts, or simply a song); and it is up to the artists to define the form and space. The Art Center would leverage on the variety and freedom of thought of art, rather than on physical infrastructures. Exhibitions could have an open collaborative space with the audience, or could even make the audience be part of the exhibition itself in order to create a memorable and lasting experience on the audience. One example would be the exhibition made by contemporary artist Joan Morey, in Barcelona, whose subject was around the 'clubbing lifestyle' and part of it were hundreds of people who were clubbing live in his art space without being aware of it, while being seen from an outer space from people watching the exhibition.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

I believe some agreements need to be done with governments so that there are special permissions granted, as a way to contribute to the worldwide cause. Some initiatives are already done worldwide for rising cancer awareness, for instance.


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Great idea Lluis. Just a thought taking this concept a little further, could this also be made into a competition between artist? The selected companies would already have their artist make a master piece and then there would be competition between the different art pieces in which probably people would get to vote. There would also be certain restrictions on what the art pieces depict and they would have to relate to sustainability and world benefit and not just symbolize the company.

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Hi Mehul! It is an interesting line of thought what you are putting on the table to discuss. Thank you! On the one hand the world of arts is highly competitive on its own while on the other I believe it has its own 'rules of freedom' as well. So in this line, the Arts Center would be more interested in breaking the 'innovation dynamics of the world' rather than breaking the 'art space dynamics'. I would like to think that there could be space for a pre-selective process for artists that could be interested in shaping the masterpiece (for a given selected company and potentially a product or type of solution) which could be understood or defined as a sort of open contest where artists would describe conceptually what their masterpiece would consist of (if selected). Obviously the art piece essentials should somehow address the issues / areas that have made that company / proposal be selected ... which is the point of the whole set up. I would think that it is a process similar to that of architects proposing a solution to a contest for a project (they hand in a proposal and one of them is selected by a jury according to a given criteria). Some requirements need to be met, but on the other hand, there needs to be a high degree of freedom, as it is the basis of any art creation. I could see that the Art Center would also, in turn, act as an instrument for artists to show its creative power, gain visibility and prestige.

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