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Good City Guides

An alternative city guide to inform visitors and locals about the businesses that are providing social value to their community. Where to eat, shop and visit whilst supporting social enterprises.

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Think: Broadsheet meets Wallpaper City Guides meets Goop, but for social good. Recognising the restaurants, retail and places/attractions that provide sustainable value to the community, and making this information accessible, engaging and well curated to encourage people to visit and support these businesses. 

Searching the directory, 'Eat' will feature restaurants such as Scarf, Charcoal Lane and  STREAT, 'Shop' will highlight businesses such as The Social Studio and local enterprise SEW, and 'Visit' will include attractions like CERES.

I have used Melbourne as an example, but I am sure you could add in your own local businesses, and in fact the beginning of this type of directory could be crowdsourced.

Taking the Broadsheet app as inspiration, the phone app would provide a location based directory so that users can, for example, find a nearby cafe that meets social values.

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

The guide acts as an alternative guide to a city, recognising businesses that are implementing social initiatives, and supporting them through advertising. It would direct people to choose 'socially better' alternatives to their usual cafes & shops, or let visitors and tourists discover a city's social enterprises that are often unique and hidden.

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

By providing a multi platform directory - app/web/hard copy, the stories from social enterprises will be recognised, advertised and featured on the website, allowing people globally to learn from how others are achieving outcomes. Monthly emails will highlight our round-up of visiting the social enterprises of a city.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

1. Develop a prototype on one city - crowdsource contributions? 2. Replicate that prototype in cities nationally, and then globally


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Was thinking that perhaps it could be good to devise a few scenarios for the Good City Guides concept. What might the experience of of a user look like? And a featured business? And perhaps even a content curator? Just a thought to help give shape to the various discussion here...

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Ah I think I'm too late to put these ideas onto paper/pixels.! Once it wins I will !! :)

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