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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Environmentally Friendly Beer

Outside of making excellent beer, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company takes environmental responsibility very seriously at all steps of the manufacturing process; from energy production and water use to packaging and emissions.

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Operating out of Chico, California since 1979, Sierra Nevada has been a
champion of environmentalism in business. They employ state-of-the-art
technology and processes to minimize their impact on the environment and
increase their overall efficiency.

Highlights of Sierra Nevada's contributions to environmental stewardship

- They currently own one of the largest privately owned solar installations
in the US, consisting of over 10,000 individual photovoltaic panels. They also
utilize four 300 kW Fuel Cell Energy units with a heat recovery system. These
alternative energy sources supply nearly 70% of their energy needs.

- They treat all of their own wastewater from production, both purifying it
and also capturing methane gas generated from an anaerobic digester that breaks
down organic material in the wastewater. This methane is then used to offset
the natural gas consumption used for the boilers.

- A designated Climate Action Leader in the State of California

- A comprehensive waste diversion program which diverts 99.6% of the solid
waste produced to recycling or composting efforts

- A sophisticated CO2 recovery, collection, and recycling system

- An eight acre hop field which supplies enough for production of their
certified organic beer, and a garden and cattle herd (fed with the spent grain
and hops from the brewing process) to supply the brewery's restaurant.

- Utilizing 100% of the spent vegetable oil from the Taproom and Restaurant
for their shipping fleet

- The first company in the United States to purchase a hybrid electric
route truck

Sierra Nevada is a prime example of a company that looks at environmental
protection and sustainability not as crutches, but as opportunities to increase
efficiency, spur innovation, and create an overall superior product.


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