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Just looking at good and inspirational companies isn't enough. We need to understand how they became successful, the ways they did it, the tools they used. We need a knowledge hub for making world changing ideas happen.

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There are quite a number of blogs and websites out there which pick up on the best businesses and innovations from around the world eg GOOD, Trendhunter, Springwise, Treehugger....

What would be better is a knowledge hub of how the successful ideas and businesses got to be successful. Drawing out the learning is crucial. It is often not about the idea but about the process of taking that idea to market. What were communication strategies, how did they tell their story, what was the business model/ start up strategy, who did business collaborate with, where did they get advice from, what tools did they use. Building categories and #tags which reference these kind of ideas will be useful and more practical for others to use than just "inspiration".

I would want to see something that goes beyond merely categorizing businesses by sectors, like food, transport, energy, etc more towards things like marketing, online tools, collaboration, finance. How did people get the time to make the shift to making an idea and business happen?

There are plenty of people out there who want to make the difference and plenty of inspiration both in business and in other sectors. There is of course value in telling these stories but the gap exists between the things and ideas people want to do and providing them with the skills and knowledge to get there.

Examples I would look to: is useful site for those looking to be more creative. Articles are categorised and offer a useful library resource.

The book Built to Last draws out learning from the most successful companies. is also a nice way of learning.

I would want to see a mash up of these ideas/platforms framed around your challenge. Really it is telling people about the nuts and bolts of business that will make the difference.

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