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New Metrics of Sustainable Business

HIP Investor is a guest editor for Sustainable Brands, highlighting companies that are using New Metrics to drive sustainable business. Metrics range from measuring Human Capital to Environmental Profit and Loss.

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Sustainable Brands special edition of Issues in Focus: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business.

In 2011, this month-long series of written features and video content, guest-edited by HIP Investor, showcased the leaders and innovators of sustainable business using "new metrics" — metrics that have largely been ignored by Wall Street, despite creating top-line revenue and bottom-line profit improvement, as well as mitigating potential future risks.

This month, we are delighted to share with you the latest in leading-edge thinking, action and results of new metrics that link to sustainable business value, from thought leaders and change makers from a variety of industries. We will showcase metrics focused on what the Global Reporting Initiative calls "Sustainability Context" — namely, real-world limits and thresholds, such as the capability of our global society and enterprises to use less than one earth's equivalent of air, water, land and other shared natural resources.

This month's guest editors: R. Paul Herman, Nick Gower, Bill Baue


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