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MBA Admissions: Invitation to a class of future sustainability leaders!

Trying to identify a group of leaders with all-around accomplishments and potential in creating sustainable value? Learn from the MBA admissions process. Show accomplishments to enter the pool, and motivation and storytelling will get you in.

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MBA vs. sustainability champions

Questions asked in the process:
1. GPA/Test scores: How diligently the candidate has pursued excellence and in how many areas has he accomplished it?
2. Recommendation: What do people around you say about you?
3. Essay: Tell us about your motivation and paint a vivid picture of your most interesting or dramatic experiences.
4. Interview: Pitch your fit and contribution to be part of the community of future leaders.

Some suggested modifications to the analogy:
In order to increase the pool of initial candidates, it would be much more effective if these businesses are recommended by consumers all over the world.
Admissions (or award) may well be determined through a combination of online voting and expert panel review.

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What are some other elements that could be learned from the MBA admissions process? (Would love to hear what others think)