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Lobby and Super PACs focused on big business

If you're too big to fail, then you're probably big enough to be lobbied by the public. Political lobbies/Super PACs are highly effective in getting their agendas across. Which of their tactics can we use to lobby business to focus on world benefit?

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What if we lobbied companies the way they themselves lobby the politicians?
Political campaigns generate so much social movement. Perhaps most effective is the way businesses band together to lobby and influence politicians. What if the general public comes together to lobby and influence individual businesses?

Tactics borrowed from political campaigns....
  • Supporters canvasing door-to-door (cuz all politics is local)
  • Super PACs aggregating large sums of untraceable monies used to lobby businesses or pay for campaigns.
  • Coordinated social media campaigns
  • Endorsements from trusted Local groups/politicians
  • Media buys
  • And actual special interest lobbies that meet regularly with businesses to put pressure on them and effect change.


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