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LIKE the Oscars isn't enough like it

Model it after the Oscars but have each award accepted by an actual top celebrity. Plenty of celebs will easily do it (for various reasons) and red-carpet the hell out of it, the press will have a field day and the causes will get real press

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I sort of kind of pay attention to various awards for innovation but mostly pan and scan. The Webby's, for example, I always take a looksee at who's winning those but it's an odd process dominated by fan favorites. If you followed the actual process of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ( ) you could invite the important voices to put in a nomination/vote or people like Tim Robbins and Sean Penn could buy a nomination/vote. Then the gala event is fueled by celebs looking to help their image or participate for a business they feel strongly about and do it up black-tie and rodeo drive style. Anyone would watch for the celebrities, it would get a ton of press, get Jon Stewart to co-host with Al Gore and it's the event of the year. People are disenfranchised by our current awards shows (see,29665/ ) but people still like the pageantry. Hell, even a cynical non-tv watcher like me would definitely watch to see Kanye West accept an award for the Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation. 


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