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Identify the good habit, create a simple system that supports it, reward progress and feel great

Recycling, volunteering, donating, losing weight: What's the connection? We all know it's something we should do, but we don't... Why? Jenny Craig's weight loss system promotes good living by understanding the concept of creating a good habit in ppl

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Having the habit of doing things that are good for us and those around us seems very intuitive, but why is it that only a select few actually step up to the plate. In many organizations, you have those who are active, the ''recyclers'', the volunteers and the floaters, those who observe at the surface without diving in, admiring the courage of those swimming freely and wishing they could do that too. What Jenny Craig offers is a way for people to create a good habit of doing something good for them. JC does this by understanding the motivations and barriers around their target group and find ways to motivate along their path. It takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit, so JC finds ways for people to ''dive in'' and see that staying at the surface is not as great as what lies underneath. Then when you see the good stuff, you're hooked. So, what I learned from JC is that understanding the ''why nots'' and changing this into ''yes I can'' is a mentality that companies can look for when setting goals for their employees and reward ''as needed'' them along the way until the good behaviour is installed. In simple terms, help people find their goals, value their goals and achieve their goals.


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Wow, I'm loving this analogy Andre! For me, it resonates especially well with our challenge because businesses are essentially groups of people. If we're looking to inspire businesses to innovate for world benefit, we need to find the levers that enable individuals to make the 'right' choices at work. Your point about Jenny Craig helping people break habits and do something good for themselves, especially in the first few weeks, makes me wonder how we might create training guides or incentive programs at work that help employees do the same. Something to think about in our Concepting phase! :)

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Thanks Ashley, your train of thought resonates a lot with where I was going, but you took this to another level. I really like the idea of training guides or incentives programs. To that, I would like to add adapting the hiring process and also on-boarding of new employees with this vision. A lot of companies have pre-entry surveys to understand their employees and their profile, so why not see what could motivate each employee to make a change for a good cause right at the start. Thanks :)

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Glad to hear my comments were helpful. Looking forward to seeing more of you in this challenge!

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Agreed – rocking analogy & some great thoughts towards our upcoming Concepting phase, Andre!