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How I first heard of IDEO?

It all started with a video clip our professor showed us.

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While I was an undergraduate student, I took a course called "High-tech entrepreneurship". We started that class with a discussion of "what is creativity?", and our professor showed us a video of ABC Nightline's Deep Dive. It was about how IDEO designed a user-friendly shopping cart (if you haven't seen it yet, I included the video link). The video caught our eyes, and since then IDEO was on my list of innovative companies.

The takeaways (for me) were:
1. Academic as a channel - Having teachers introduce companies to students, especially course-related companies. Since mostly students who took a course in entrepreneurship were mostly interested in entrepreneurship, students who took a course in environmental protection were mostly interested in environmental protection, etc.
2. Language as a bridge - Since the video was in English, I found that some of my classmates didn't enjoyed it that much since they had problem understanding what's going on. 
3. Images speak better than words - if our professor gave us a 10-page-long case study rather than showing us the video, then I wouldn't be fascinated by IDEO's creativity.


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