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Green Bank has the most satisfied customers

Triodos is a social and green bank. They realize that not the money itself, but what you do with it is the most important. They only lend to and invest in organisations that benefit people and environment.

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Triodos shows me that with abandoning a strategy that is focused on making money they make people happy. For me it is a striking example because Triodos is a bank. Banks are organizations that evolve around money. Their core product is money. However, because they realized that not the money, but what you do with the money is important they succeeded in transforming banking into something social and green.

The Triodos Foundation was established in 1970 in the Netherlands to use gifts and loans to support innovative projects and companies. Now they still connect savers and investors who want to change the world for the better with entrepreneurs and sustainable companies doing just that. They are the only specialist bank to offer integrated lending and investment opportunities for sustainable sectors in a number of European countries.

In these times of crisis, where the banks and financial sector are seen as evil sources of these bad times, Triodos manages to have the most satisfied customers. That is also because they are transparent and only lend money entrusted to them by their savers, and not a penny more. In a climate that's seen so many banks thrown into turmoil, this approach has enabled them to remain solid and stable.  

I have been a Triodos customer for a long time now and the interest is not very high at the moment but I do know my money is spend well. I can even see where my money is spend on the web site's numerous projects. I personally do not mind that the interest is half a percent lower on what I could get, I do not have much saving anyway. I also believe that investing in these projects will benefit me more in the long run. 

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This is truly awesome, a similar concept to look at would be B Corps,

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