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Good guide: scientifically evaluating businesses and brands

The Good guide is a website and app on which all sorts of products are rated by scientists on green, health, safe and ethical values. You can browse the website, or better yet, install the app and scan products while shopping.

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The Good Guide is an extensive product guide, measuring and rating products based on their environmental, health, ethical and safety impact. Products are not only rated on ingredients, but also on the behaviour of the company that makes them, and, if applicable, the mother company.

What I really like about the app and website, is that it brings this information to consumers at the moment they shop. You can scan product barcodes and find all the necessary information right there on your mobile.

With apps like the Good Guide, consumers can make well informed choices.


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I love the Good Guide! I just saw a commercial the other day about Johnson & Johnson's new campaign for ingredient transparency in their products. I don't know all the details but it's amazing coming from such a large company.
The Good Guide is great because it not only encourages companies to be more forthcoming about their products but also makes it so easy for consumers to access the information. Love the term Chris used - "radical transparency."

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