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Giving people purpose drives them to great things vs candies and treats

Why do people start non profit organizations? Why do people volunteer? Who likes to work for free? Well, it seems that money can only take you so far in terms of engaging employees but purpose is really what creates top performers.

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A lot of employees have a lot to give but sometimes their organizations don't know how to tap into that inner force. When they see their ''internal scores'' or ''voice of the employee'' go down, they huddle in a room and say ''How can we engage our employees?'' but they actually mean ''how can we increase productivity?''. So they will start a contest and give people a chance to win a free vacation day... ''So if I do better, I will get a day away from work''... seems a bit ironic as the supposed-to-be most productive gets to go home, but who will fill in for them...? So, companies need to see that people like rewards, but prefer Purpose, a reason for being and a chance to be recognized beyond their quotas. By understanding this insight, we could have a lot more people spending time on ways to improve the world and still be the most engaged and productive employees in the company. Sounds like a very strong win-win-win situation.


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