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Free Online Learning

Open-access educational content is changing the way we acquire and study information. It's a movement! It's a business model! It's a direct path to world benefit!

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From TEDx talks to Coursera to the Khan Academy, free educational online content is changing the way we acquire and study information.

How might we leverage insights from the growth of online courses - both in their business models and in their pursuit of positive global impact?

What are some key elements to this open-access educational movement and how might we draw parallels to explore how businesses could be inspired to take action for world benefit?


Many highly-visited sites have a reputation for selecting speakers with great communication skills and the ability to address a general audience.

How might we ensure a high caliber of ‘world benefit’ acts?

How might we clearly communicate the significance of these acts to the general public?


The online tools are accessible on-demand and self-paced.

How might we evaluate the world demand for specific ‘acts for global benefit’?

How might we encourage a sustainable pace for these acts?


Each class, lecture, or video clip can grow to be part of a series, and multiple instructors can add content to build an archived library.

How might we preserve the efforts of businesses that act for global benefit? Could an archived library of past actions help inspire businesses to join in on these positive actions?


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