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Exchange ideas thru media

Involve media in targeting and showcasing the practices of business organisations

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Media has been an influential tool to share information to the public. In our daily lives, we turn to media to get the current news and facts in our society. Using media is an effective way to recognise business organizations which exemplify the title "Agents of World Benefit".

BBC News produced an eight-part series entitled "The Ideas Exchange". It is a programme where they invite leading business tycoons to impart their knowledge and experiences in their respective industries by interviewing one another.

This programme could target business organizations and showcase their innovations and best practices. People could vote for the company which they find most influential and beneficial to the society. Voting could be done thru social networking sites or thru text messaging.

This way, people take part in acknowledging and promoting the efforts of organisations in creating a better society.<o:p></o:p>

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