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Campo Abierto! Shortening distance between ideas and actions after a TEDx event

TEDxGuatavita was a rural TEDx event held in Colombia. It was an amazing space for identifying amazing ideas aimed towards rural transformation. Campo Abierto, a platform for connecting ideas, knowledge and resources is being created.

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There is a whole universe of ideas within us. Sometimes it takes inspiration to collect those ideas and bring them into action. Ideas spark more ideas, or help materialize thoughts collected through time.

This can happen at an event as a TEDx event (In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. ) People listen and experience other's ideas, at a very fertile space. At TEDxGuatavita, ideas around rural transformation where shared. It was a very effective space to identify local initiatives, and connect them with possible collaborators.

Campo Abierto is being built after the event, a platform for connecting those ideas, with people who want to collaborate bringing them into life, others who know how to do it, and still others with the resources to make it happen.


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Que bueno Felipe que de TEDxGuatavita quede el proyecto CAMPO ABIERTO. De TEDxPasto quedaron tambien dos proyectos que se están ejecutando, y La escuela Taller para Pasto. Eso es lo hermoso de proyectos como TEDxGuatavita y TEDxPasto.

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