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Business Mentoring : Think more as a family !

Mentoring is a teacher and a student. How about going further and creating a team with interrelated responsabilities and learning experiences, more like a family ?

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When I saw the inspiration on mentoring, I thought about that :

"Who was MY real mentor in life ? "
In my early years, I can't tell only one person. I learned social interactions from my parents, but my brother and cousins learned me how to play. I learned respect from my parents, but also my cousins and brother. I learned tricks and ways to do things from my parents, but for others stuffs, my parents we're "too old" to understand, so my brother was the perfect mentor for me.

Why can we apply this ideology to businesses ?
If we are able to connect two businesses to created a mentoring partnership, why can we go further and created a family partnership.

Take two businesses that has been there forever, make it the father and mother.
Take the other that has been there for a shorter time and still need help in growing and learning about (business)life, make them the children.
If it work, why not continue and , through times, create cousins, and all those childrens can have childrens(businesses) themselves.

So, on and on, the mentoring is there, but in a more global way.
A young company can go to its parents to have good advices on maturing, but it can also go out and reach to his sister or brother, for innovation and sustainable new realities.  It also enable the mother and father to learn from their decendants, as in real life, about new realities in the business world.

We say that the family is the strongest link you'll ever have, let's give those businesses the chance to live it !

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Great reflections, Charlyne! We're excited to see what the topic of mentoring might inject into our upcoming Concepting phase.