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A National Museum of Businesses

A National Museum of Businesses that Innovates for World Benefit – in physical and virtual form

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A National Museum of Businesses that Innovates for World Benefit –
in physical and virtual form

When we were kids, a normal school year will not end without a
field trip to the National Museum. Museum, as defined in the Wikipedia, is an institution that cares and conserves collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific,artistic,cultural, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary.

In order to identify and celebrate businesses that innovate for world benefit and inspire other companies to do the same, it would be great if there will be a national museum of model businesses that showcases and contains a library of the latters’ contribution and inspiring campaigns, executions, hurdles along the way, and ultimately, the main ingredients to its success stories. Inside the museum,
there can be a “Rushmore Mount” style of corner where the top four companies
are honoured.  This can be per country or per locality.

This national museum comes in virtual form thru internet and also in physical form available for all types of walk-in guests, and made as a requirement for business students to visit as part of their curriculum in obtaining their degrees, or for business practitioners for their inspiration. There could also be a survey form at the end of the tour inside the museum, to determine the guest “favourite” or “company of choice” as additional spice to determine the best among the best. The selection process for the companies to make it inside the museum should be rigid and careful, in order to
ensure that only the best and the finest deserves a place inside.

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I agree with Ashley. This is an excellent idea. The idea of a virtual museum for students and faculty is really exciting and lcoating the museum plus subsets in other countries which are country or regionally specific is great. This is an idea worthy of much more development. Thank you.