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Think Pods

Today's relationship between invention and competition, can distract from innovation.

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In Israel there are rest camps for the nation's youth called Kibbutzim, which provide support and a definite meal the next day for it's participants, who all work and contribute  together to pool in the money to care for eachother. Alot of these camps are in cheaper areas and usually sustain themselves financially by opening themselves to outsiders as hotels or sending members out to do day labor jobs  in rotation. The benefit to these camps is that they open up alot of free time for people. Now applying this concept of a Kibbutz to innovators who need time and a guaranteed meal the next day, and what you get is people under a much less stressful context sitting back and thinking about what their next steps are in making their ideas realities.The concept of bringing forward a very powerful idea once a person has an open amount of time to do it has been successful in the past, there are many stories of people sometimes even coming out of jail with published books because inside they finally had time to sit back and think, or children of millionaires being much more successful in their pursuits because of a given freedom from the stresses of survival.

To make the concept clearer I suggest we create resting grounds for people not only in jail but for the public, they would involve rotations of taking on duties for maintaining the grounds as well as provide the elementary needs for survival, and would free up time for it's participants.
The main idea here being to provide people with the freedom to think, by providing them with time and removing distractions. If further it becomes encouraged that participants also take the freedom to choose projects that they themselves are extremely interested I am sure that this would also improve productivity.

(PS.I would love to write about all of the arguments to back up the concept of improved productivity due to a new found freedom within employees, however I feel that this article would get too long, and that it would distract from what the suggestion is.)

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

Directly for-profit businesses could fund these grounds and have people suggest ideas for specific problems that companies themselves are interested in, which is the current model anyways. The difference here would be a relief of the employees' pressures, so they can focus on bringing forward insights in full confidence and faster because they no longer have other things to worry about. Indirectly for-profit businesses benefit from the technologies or innovations that would newly be available.

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

It would bring forward another example of innovation occuring at a faster and stronger rate due to a reallocation of thought pattern. By reallocation I am refering to the loss of stress which millions of people suffer from today claiming to be a cause of multiple health issues as well as distracting them from following through on pursuing innovative concepts that they might come up with.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

Reconstructed faith in humanity: to trust that its participants would produce technologies of use. Patience too, if people are taken immediately from an extremely constrictive environment and then shown a contrast it would leave them sitting and resting for some time before becoming productive. Grounds like this can first be funded either by the government or some interested party, which could track success and provide feedback for more projects similar to it to occur. Open to Suggestions


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I'm just thinking perhaps time might not be the only factor to release the innovative mind?

What if there were innovation catalysts in various forms, either through the physical location, or a trainer, or any other activity to stimulate and encourage creative thinking.

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