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The prize would be awarded annually to a forprofit business, nominated by 3rd party. The judging panel will be a team of experts & a public online vote. The company must use the $10 mill prize toward the implementation of further sustainable practice

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The Prize for Sustainability would be awarded annually to a for-profit business, the business model of which indelibly incorporates and promotes sustainability. A third party, business professional via a comprehensive application process, including a five-minute video, may nominate any business during a specified nomination period.

A clear definition of sustainability would be required for clarity. The judging panel would have two constituents. One would be a team of experts, including, but not limited to: environmentalists, business professionals, urban planners, civil engineers, environmental technology specialists, and other qualified professionals. This panel would have the most influence on the final outcome of the contest. The second faction of the judging panel, though possessing less influence on the contest’s outcome, is quite important for generating excitement and global recognition of the award. The global public would be able to vote online for the company they deem the most deserving. All video submissions would be available for viewing on websites designed for each country, in its native language, and the public would use these as a basis for voting.

The company that wins the Prize for Sustainability would be awarded $10 million. This monetary prize would be given on the stipulation that the company must use it toward the implementation of further sustainable practices. This would be presented via a televised and web-casted ceremony (with a glamour level akin to the Oscars) that U2, and other recognizable, sustainability-focused celebrities from various countries, could participate in. To ensure the prize remains a venerable award, this esteem would only be presented to established companies that have been in business at least 5 years. Exceptions could be made if a company’s business model was based completely on sustainability.

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