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The Apprentice meets Dragon's Den: ''Role-models World Benefit edition''

What do you get when you cross The Apprentice with Dragon's Den and Survivor? An opportunity for companies to compete for world benefit. Top teams from F500 companies compete for best idea, then take it to the field to see who can make a real impact

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Companies love to be in the spotlight, when it's good lighting. So why not use their competitiveness, expertise and motivated employees for world benefit? Introducing the next wave in reality TV, where companies compete for best idea, then implement those ideas to measure most improved World Benefit Score: ''Role-models World Benefit edition''. This reality show will enable employee to be 100% funded and supported to try the things that they only dreamed of doing for world benefit. Building a 100% green hospital, creating a new source of sustainable energy, finding a way to turn polluted water into clean drinking water, any thing is possible. After the auditions, the TV viewers will be able follow these companies fly across the world and compete for the best positive outcome from their ideas.

Step 1: Intracompany auditions: teams of employees within a company brainstorm on ideas that can help world benefit and that is representative of their companies' values and services. The top 3 teams, voted by employees will submit their idea to the live TV auditions

Step 2: Live TV auditions: The top 3 teams per company will present to a panel of experts that comment on each idea. They provide a score to each team (worth 50% of total points) and the TV audience can also vote for 50% of their total score by visiting the Role-Models World Benefit edition website. Viewers can also comment and provide suggestions to better improve each idea

Step 3: The top team per company (based on judges and viewers votes) get to put their idea in action. For example, if ''Team Medtronic'' has an idea to improve health in children with heart issues in Kenya, they will fly to Kenya and try their idea out. On site, they would live with those they want to help, learn more about them and enhance their idea based on field collected insights. Each week, the TV viewers would learn more about these companies and their products-people-services, but also will see why it's important to help out others in need as they see these employees try to survive in a world that is different than theirs.

Step 4: The winning team: After 4 weeks of learning, applying changes and finally implementing their ideas, each team is measured on how much they have improved world benefit. The winning team would be announced on the TV finally in front of millions of viewers and would be viewed as the company who can truly think of great ideas that serve a true purpose for mankind. Talk about a way to increase your company reputation...

Each season can feature new companies as the interest to become recognized as world leaders grow...

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

Not to long ago, Maple Leaf foods had an issue with their products and had to do a public apology in order to stop the erosion of their company's brand equity. For Maple Leaf, this rare incident affected how people perceived their products and company. If Maple Leaf were to participate and compete in ''Role-models World Benefit edition'', they would have a chance to prove, once again, to the world that they do offer great and innovative products. Here are some benefits for Maple Leaf in participating 1- Provide purpose to employees that feel that this incident is not representative of their work. 2- Enables them to generate ideas to help others for world benefit while demonstrating their true values in difficult situations in front of millions of viewers. 3-Their corporate brand equity goes up, their employees are motivated, but most importantly they helped solve a problem that now promotes world benefit. You don't need to have to improve your corporate brand equity as a driver to participate. Many employees want to do more than volunteer 1 day a year, others don't feel that their 150$ donation made a difference. Some companies love to show how innovative they are and others just want to be on TV. 'Role-models World Benefit edition'' can be for everyone and a lot of fun to watch...

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

Reality show and social media, the 2 biggest drivers of a big crowd to a party. Because people can vote and comment of the top 3 ideas per company during the TV auditions, follow their favourite companies on TV, magazines and blogs, this initiative screams buzz and public viewership. As we see companies become heros and lives improved, more and more companies will want to participate. 1 year later, the show could go back to those companies and see how they continue to manifest their winning world benefit reputation. Think of how much people watch Dragon's Den, Survivor and the Apprentice and you can guess the effect of this as it will draw a diverse crowd of viewers.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

The first step is to have a US version of the TV show. After 1 successful season, it will be easy to replicate in IK, Europe, Asia as other companies step up to help world benefit. Also, companies' reputation is something they try to maintain in other countries, so their interest in pursuing great ideas for world benefit could spread in their other affiliates. A lot can be done with the post US TV show and I would love to hear from others on how to take this even further


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Really creative concept!! Definetly has to make it happen!!!

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