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A marketing strategy, customer loyalty initiative that tackles social issues chosen by people. Organization and people partner to solve issues and both gain out of it. The strategy borrows from airline industry and reward and recognition concepts.

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Companies sell products or services. These products and services have bar codes (or service codes in case of services). My idea is to create an online platform wherein companies would award their customers buying a certain amount of their products/services with points. 

The points would be social reward points (though named more creatively). Accumulating a certain amount of points would the customers to ask the company to address a social cause that the customer believes in.

The customer requesting the company becomes the owner of the process, planned and designed to address the social concern. This in effect ensures that the organization works with the customers using their resources to get the issue resolved. 

Once the cause is addressed, the problem is solved the customer rates the organization. Different organizations get rated differently and then at the end of a pre- decided period the top 5 organizations are acknowledged.

Why this idea appeals to me is that it acts as a marketing strategy for organizations and at the same time also ensures customer loyalty.  People on the other hand get those issues addressed that are close to their heart and matter to them.

How does your concept celebrate, identify or inspire for-profit businesses that act as agents of world benefit?

The concept recognizes and celebrates for profit businesses who co create solution with citizens. These organizations not only get recognized amongst their customers but also with others accessing the online platform thus increasing their recall value. And in the process creating newer customers. The organization will be celebrated as one willing to not only work for profits but one willing to listen to its customers and lend a hand in changing the world. The concept will recognize people and organization involved in social activities and will ensure everyone feels empowered enough to know that they can be a part of creating their stories.

How will your concept help us create or leverage stories of world benefit that are sticky and shareable?

The concept is all about co creating different stories. We need stories but it's difficult to create stories on our own, alone. Let us share and leverage resources to create and propagate these stories and inspire others to follow suit. By using an organization's brand and publicizing the efforts, this would ensure it remains in not only the heads but also the hearts of people.

What will it take to scale your concept so that its reach is global and widespread?

Companies spend a lot of money on CSR activities that often go unnoticed. The concept does not require huge investment to scale it up, what it requires is acceptance and commitment on the part of organization. The fact that the initiative is web based and tackles issues that people feel are more pressing makes it reach global.
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"Dear Ashley I noticed that you have been diligently commenting on concepts. I'm sure you must be committed to the cause, would you like to help me better this concept. Would love your inputs and suggestions."


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I like the notion of collecting miles through product barcodes so that customers can obtain "sustainable equity" with companies. what would be the incentive for companies - to sell more products?
Also, how could one take the whole value chain into consideration?

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Christoph thanks for your valuable input, the incentive for companies would be more products sold, enhanced customer loyalty..the customer would buy more of their products to collect the requisite point and for the winning companies there would be a higher recall value.

The complete value chain..well that would have to be worked upon :) but it should be able to follow the loyalty bonus points used in aviation industry. For undertaking the project the organization might require a project management team or could have a team of volunteers from the organization willing to work on social venture.

I don't know if I answered your question but would love to get more inputs from your side. Thanks.